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Monopolised, centralized social media is a monoculture where mind viruses can spread unchecked.

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Personal project - Scary Data:

Graphing coronavirus outbreak globally using John Hopkins University data.



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Personal project - :

Web circumvention using technologies implemented in any modern browser.



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Perhaps there is no perfect way to convey how absurdly obscene it is that a single person can "have" over a hundred billion dollars.

But "You Are Jeff Bezos" is damn close:

Also, perhaps there is no perfect way to satirize .

My little parody of the aforementioned game is definitely not even close:

@rysiek Proszę z szacunkiem, mało który portal jest tak dobry, by sam ś.p. Papież Polak zarejestrował się na nim aż tyle razy.

Po 20 latach ataków dronami czas przyznać, że zawiodły
Już pierwszy atak chybił celu. Technologia nie działa

W 2004-14 zginęło 1100 osób podczas polowania na 41 celów. Większość z tych celów to mężczyźni, którzy wciąż żyją.

> [Truth Social's] terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

> “The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard.

@Gargron @conservancy 👀

@rysiek @Gargron @thegibson I think the bigger issue/ride will be when the media starts getting wind of the fact that trump just used the trans/furry/sw/hacker software to build his new “empire”

If you configure #Firefox to resist fingerprinting, you won't be able to get past #Cloudflare's browser check; it will just go into an eternal loop.

On an unrelated topic, you can do me a favour by playing around with @Eunomia's first public pilot for a bit over on

Just need some people to post stuff and press buttons and see how it works.

crypto bullshit 

>It is impossible to know which NFT transfers are the result of sales, and which are merely wallets moving or consolidating their NFTs. Therefore, we cannot force every transfer function, such as transferFrom() in ERC-721, to involve a royalty payment as not every transfer is a sale that would require such payment. We believe the NFT marketplace ecosystem will voluntarily implement this royalty payment standard to provide ongoing funding for artists/creators.

Yeah good luck with that, uniswap got forked immediately to remove their developer dividend

Uniswap is still popular, but you can't expect that people won't want to make NFT marketplaces that won't respect the spec

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Mastadon seems like a really cool place for tech discussions and findings, however this morning, it's all about #trump. I hope I can find some filters so I don't have to read anything about politics, sexism, racism, etc. I'm about being positive, not negative. If I wanted soapbox speeches, I would go to the cesspool that is #facebook.

Based off the chatter I see today it looks like Donald Trump's new social media platform "Truth Social" is a fork of Mastodon.

The platform hasn't yet "gone public" (and as far as I can tell, hasn't yet expressed an interest in federating) but some instance moderators are already following the process of blocking federation between their servers and truthsocial.

This is one aspect of content moderation in a decentralized system. Rather than action from a single actor (eg, Twitter moderation authorities) each of the thousands of fediverse instance administrators makes a decision about whether to exchange content with truthsocial.

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Shameless plug, I've written a chapter about Mastodon, content moderation, Gab, the Fediverse, and this phenomenon for an upcoming book published by UMD. And here's a video about it, complete with 🎵animation! 🎵

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For what it's worth Tech Dirt and @mmasnick
are great to follow on the topic of decentralized social networks.

Amusingly, it looks like Truth Socials's terms of service will absolutely moderate user content. BuT WhAt AbOuT "FrEe SpEeCh?!"

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As a member of the new Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance, we are calling on the @Europarl_EN to set a positive example through the #DSA — protect fundamental rights and lay the foundations for global human rights-centric lawmaking.

When you get newly assigned to a legacy code base and adding `-DNDEBUG` produces valid binaries that output different results.

#cplusplus #bioinformatics

@rysiek @liaizon @Gargron @TheGibson it's crazy hard for right-wingers to build anything useful, because they are quite a toxic crowd.

Remember to hug (ask first!) and otherwise appreciate your instance admins today and over then next week or so.

Your instance admins will be putting in additional time and effort due to a washed-down right-wing celebrity's latest vanity project.

They will handle it, the heroes that they are. But they will need hugs and appreciation.

If you can, also throw a coin, that helps of course. But hugs and appreciation, first and foremost.

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