Wishing there was heat mapping or something built into iOS use. What apps do I open the most often? Which ones do I search for vs. open directly, etc.?

I'm sure how I organize my home screen makes no actual sense vs how I use my phone—yet I don’t know how to be objective about reorganizing. Hmm

@kensanata Now, a whole new question/thread: any plan to provide syncing with Trunk? Going back and re-tapping the follow button to catch whoever's new isn't _that_ big a pain, but it'd be really neat if Trunk acted as a living repository of people self-nominating to a particular topic.

This is a bit of a challenge. My hope that all of these bots were coming from one instance has been smashed.

Any advice on blocking news feed bots in local/federated timelines? I have an RSS reader for a reason!

Are _all_ @social.heckin.tech entities news bots?

Totally unrelated I swear: is there a way to block/mute instances? :blobcat:

@ryanjamurphy I'm not, but there's an education specific instance too, if you're interested: scholar.social

@theartguy is pretty cool there

Anyone on here involved in ? I work at a midsize Canadian university. (Mostly trying to get a few interesting hashtags going! Interesting to me, at least, ha)

More about Mastodon: is there any way to save searches outside of apps? I know I can pin them, Tweetdeck-style.

@ashfurrow By the way, I noticed on onboarding that the language around the Community Policy is a little unclear:
> We adhere to an adopted version of the TootCat Code of Conduct and follow the Toot Café list of blocked instances.

By "adopted", does it mean "We've adopted the TootCat Code ...", or should it actually be "adapted", as in we've made modifications?

Also: anyone have any strong opinions on Mac Mastodon apps? Whalebird (github.com/h3poteto/whalebird-) seems the most well-maintained, but I'm actually enjoying a nativefier (github.com/jiahaog/nativefier) version of mastodon.technology more than Whalebird.

(I do love a good dedicated app for things I use frequently, rather than using up a browser tab.)

How does Mastodon approach the notion of verified users—anyone? Is there any mechanism similar to other networks' verified badge?

I'm not looking for myself. Just curious about feature parity.

#Aiga campain, "Anonymously Report the #Design #Bullies in Your Life"
The Incogneato system used is not very explicit.
Beyond the storytelling and the buzz, #whistleblowing could look like a good idea. But we have seen at wearegraphicdesigners.be that discussing with clients/partners that do not respect (or simply know) #goodpractices is better, at least for a first approach.

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