Been playing around with both and recently. Given my less-than-common setup (KDE with a global menubar) snap apps work with the menubar but don't play too great with the system theme, while flatpak apps work fine with the themes but don't have menubar integration. Add to that the general overhead involved with both of these I think I'll probably stick with what's in the package repos...

Finally getting some decent, FTTP-based connection to the home soon. Theoretically, it'll support up to 1Gbps, though in reality my actual bandwidth will be 100Mbps. Still better than the copper-based FTTC link I'm on though!

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A couple months ago I decided to put ( edition) on my PC, fully replacing 10. My verdict? Barely any issues, and even many of my games run just fine via Steam or Lutris. Nice! Not a new user, mind, but never tried to use it full time before. I still do keep a Windows VM around in case anything does crop up though that requires it.

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Linux Mint is quite a good distro. It's an Ubuntu derivative. Definitely to be recommended if it's your first try with Linux.

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Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 10 with new screen mirroring beta #theverge #technology

Some people say is basically the beginner's first custom ROM. But when you look at the alternatives, which have copy-pasted features that either barely work or don't need to exist, it's still the best option out there for stability.

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Microsoft proves the critics right: We’re heading toward a Chrome-only Web

me: I'm going to be productive today!

also me: Eh, I'm sure it can wait for another day.

The daily struggle.

So USB4 happened (no, not USB 4; we don't need spaces here!). Given the coverage of USB 3 I expect we'll see this in commodity consumer devices in, oh, the next 10 years or so?

Spent a bit of time putting a makeshift version of on an older phone I keep around for fun like this, a Wileyfox Swift. After some tense moments (first the script for Treble decided to wipe my SD card only for me to find it was actually just formatted weird to start with, then the script itself actually needed running twice for some reason to actually finish) this 2015 phone is now running Pie GSIs with a working vendor partition. Works decently and now more future proof 🎉

So I finally got my Photon port to complete and just released it today. If you use , check this out!

Social anxiety 

My experience with social occasions is a little odd. I generally feel like I want to know more people than I already do (which isn't saying much really), though when it's possible I'm generally too anxious to do it. Even when I do, I'm usually not very social at all. Partly because I'm not sure how people will react to things, and partly because I can be pretty closed in in terms of myself.

It's not quite as awkward when I'm with existing friends, but even then I don't say much.

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If you keep looking for reasons to do things, you probably won't do many things.

Phones with notches, and phones that generally try to make almost no bezel, why do they exist? Is there any actual reason, or just the latest marketing buzz? I'd like to be able to hold my phone without accidentally touching the screen, thanks.

It also adopts the GTK styling of choice when used on Linux. So if you have a dark theme, for example, this also looks dark.

I even took some liberties to make it look better (IMO) on certain platforms. Take Windows 7, for example. On Firefox this used a weird purple-ish background for tabs (to emulate the default state on Win10?). Instead, I decided to adopt an Australis fog. I think it looks great personally.

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In my spare time I like to work on themes for . Sometimes they take a while to work on, other times less so. In this case, I decided to port the Photon theme from . Currently still working on it but I'd say so far it's turned out just fine.

Android 9 is pretty great all things considered, very smooth. Running it on a custom ROM for now, but I still want to see Treble support when OOS comes out for my 3T. I can dream, right? 😅

Were Sets removed from Windows 10 v1809? Can't seem to find details on them...

Looked to be one of the more interesting additions at least. Even if it was just yet another way to push people onto Edge.

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