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I will probably be posting a lot of screenshots and possibly other images I have made over time.

So... incoming!

I redesigned the logo for the Invidious youtube-dl web frontend open source project a while back. I even liked it so much I emailed the dev to show them. Never got a response back though. If you run an invidious instance and use the default (fav)icon then consider this if you want to. I tried to keep the artistic intent of the original design while still going about things the way I do on the 16*16 collapsed grid with this though. I just like this creation too much to not share it.

[I will find a way.]

Wait, does my combined configurations still syndicate from Mastodon? I hope so. I want to use Mastodon more. Twitter kinda sucks a lot. Especially on my connection.

It's great when the people I live with intentionally yell at me and make loud banging noises to try and drive my anxiety up and make me break down so I'm in a state where I can't defend myself in various ways while being unable to think properly.

Just great. Tried calling the crisis line today. They told me to call 911. I can't do that without having my life made into more of a living hell than it already is.

This person said they would help me and I was stupid enough to believe them. I hate myself a lot.

"It'd be neat to run the output of different speech synth configs as the input for different speech recognition configs recursively like a game of digital broken telephone."

The thing about being an art critic or historian is that sometimes it is only worth your time to dissect and describe in detail a small sliver of what you have seen.


(We wuz Interplanetary before, but now I have a clue how to pull these levers.)

("AYY LMAO") AYY LA-MAY-YO : ᢲ ᓚᢺᘏ

Gave up on trying to get my website synced to hyperswarm. I don't know if hashbase actually accepts addresses with the `hyper:` URI scheme. It doesn't reject them. But also Beaker was having issues with hole punching so maybe there's discoverability issues.

Lastly, I even tried to see what I could do with some of the node packages available for handling hyperdrive stuff. None of it worked for me. Bummer.

Maybe once the dust settles on the recent changes I'll try it out again. Not in the roster for now tho

> The conceptual test I use is, if it interferes with your ability to consume drugs or pornography, it's not a viable consumer product.

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