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("AYY LMAO") AYY LA-MAY-YO : ᢲ ᓚᢺᘏ

Gave up on trying to get my website synced to hyperswarm. I don't know if hashbase actually accepts addresses with the `hyper:` URI scheme. It doesn't reject them. But also Beaker was having issues with hole punching so maybe there's discoverability issues.

Lastly, I even tried to see what I could do with some of the node packages available for handling hyperdrive stuff. None of it worked for me. Bummer.

Maybe once the dust settles on the recent changes I'll try it out again. Not in the roster for now tho

> The conceptual test I use is, if it interferes with your ability to consume drugs or pornography, it's not a viable consumer product.

Sweet, I just added a sprinkle of HTML onto my website like so:
<meta http-equiv="Onion-Location" />

Now the latest browser will show an interface element to allow switching to the more secure onion site, or even do that by default. Pretty neat.

I see they've also added dark letterboxing too. Finally. Yes.

I suck at the social part of networking. If anyone who sees this has an ArtStation account or is otherwise an artist or into art/design then please check out my portfolio:

I just updated the machine so the board stack is fresh.

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> WTF is this machine doing?
Passing traffic from and to a whole fucktonne of different, unrelated and most likely anonymous clients. I2P/Tor/Yggdrasil network node.

Because if you want to dragnet my data, you better have to trawl through an ocean of shit just to be able to take a swing at it.

>> digital photos last forever
> Lolz. I'm sure you wouldn't mind using pictures of mulleted '80s dude in your advertising. And in 20 years, all these bearded gentlemen being photographed today will look so silly. Fancy a NY skyline with a couple of extra towers?

Top kek.

> The FBI is investigating the targeting and compromise of U.S. organizations conducting COVID-19-related research by PRC-affiliated cyber actors and non-traditional collectors.
> Assume that press attention affiliating your organization with COVID-19-related research will lead to increased interest and cyber activity.

WTF are "non-traditional collectors"?

Can somebody in clue me in?

> Like remember the indictment of 12 russians ( )
> The FBI linked a pool of bitcoins used to purchase a VPN service and other things to the Russians. Probably best to not use a crypto with a public ledger for criminal activity.


> I'm ashamed to say I'd kinda forgotten how easy it is to just write fucking HTML.

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