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Now with a download link to 512px renders of the entire Ideogramma set. For your convenience.

I'm re-rendering the Ideogramma glyphs in bitmap at 512px square now. The size of the archive for the 1024px renders is a bit large. Don't worry though, you can always render them yourself if you ever need one of these icon glyphs but bigger.

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From: : "This law (that also applies to Germany and Switzerland) tries to prevent making websites about illegal stuff and whatever other reasons they have, but they don't get that this is not preventing people from making such websites.

It only prevents people like me to have a normal website where I want to write about stuff that interests me. This is also the reason why I'm using this great service instead of having my own website."


Exporting all 671 of my ideogramma vector icon glyphs to 1024*1024 PNG files for easier general use and viewing.

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Signal, complaining about software UX 

Signal recently updated to 4.59.8 and now I have this undismissable prompt taking up my homescreen.

I have so many questions.
1. What is this pin used for? Will I need to enter it frequently while using the app? I don't want that, I use signal as a nicer sms app, low friction is my absolutely overriding priority.
2. If I pick a pin I can type easily what risks am I taking on? Will somebody be able to guess it and steal account access from the server?
3. How does this pin interact with the backup passphrase I already use for my signal backups?
4. Where is the user documentation answering these questions?
5. What am I supposed to tell my normie family who I convinced to use signal for our family group chats? This ux makes me regret my evangelism.
6. If I put in a pin and then forget it what do I lose access to? See #5 above.

Yesterday Youtube thought me server endpoint was in Ukraine, today it thinks I'm in Iraq. You could easily tell it's not in either of those places by looking at the reverse DNS or by pinging it from multiple locations. This amuses me though.

> is entrusted only to the detailed chronology that accompanies viewers along their path, with no obvious critical narrative. Visual and documentary evidence and erudite catalogue essays are all very well, but may not be an effective cure for the collective amnesia that seems to afflict our present as much as our past.

Barbara Casavecchia

> Given the current political climate in Italy, where populist and neo-fascist parties emerged as winners from the most recent general election, I kept asking myself why the role of reconstructing the ideological context of a regime – one that brainwashed its population, brought it to war, imposed colonial domination upon Ethiopia, Libya and Albania, promulgated racial laws, killed members of parliament, silenced dissidents and condemned to deportation and death thousands of people –

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The 9.5a11 alpha version of @torproject's browser ships with support for announcing your Onion site from your regular website via the "Onion-Location" HTTP header. For Nginx users: `add_header Onion-Location x.onion$request_uri;` and you're done.

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