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I will probably be posting a lot of screenshots and possibly other images I have made over time.

So... incoming!
Baton is an acceptable terminology AFAIK. But yes, convergence of language. The popular is becoming less anti-fellatio and more anti-cop. Again, closer to "bootlicker" in meaning but maybe licking boots has a different connotation in that culture? IDK, still neat.

I redesigned the logo for the Invidious youtube-dl web frontend open source project a while back. I even liked it so much I emailed the dev to show them. Never got a response back though. If you run an invidious instance and use the default (fav)icon then consider this if you want to. I tried to keep the artistic intent of the original design while still going about things the way I do on the 16*16 collapsed grid with this though. I just like this creation too much to not share it.


If it doesn't display/format correctly for you here's a link of the current version. This makes a lot of JS devs mad at me over the internet though. Pls be nice.

function collectEntropy1 ()
function t () {return(~~(new Date()));};
var i=[0,0,0,0,0],j=[0,0,0,0,0],y=(t()+1);
var e=function(n){for(;(y+n)>(t());j[n]++){if(0<n){e(n-1);}}};
{ for(;(y+3)>(t());i[2]++)
{ for(;(y+2)>(t());i[1]++)
{ for(;(y+1)>(t());i[0]++)
{ while(y>(t()))
{ i[4]++;
( (((j[0]^j[1]^i[0])&0xFF)<<24)
^ (((j[1]^j[2]^i[1])&0xFF)<<16)
^ (((j[2]^j[3]^i[2])&0xFF)<<8)
^ ((j[3]^j[4]^i[3])&0xFF)

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