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It's converging with bootlicker.

Would it be wrong to assume in this case that "baton" would be referring to the blunt force weapon police use also referred to as a nightstick in some places?

[I will find a way.]

Wait, does my combined configurations still syndicate from Mastodon? I hope so. I want to use Mastodon more. Twitter kinda sucks a lot. Especially on my connection.

It's great when the people I live with intentionally yell at me and make loud banging noises to try and drive my anxiety up and make me break down so I'm in a state where I can't defend myself in various ways while being unable to think properly.

Just great. Tried calling the crisis line today. They told me to call 911. I can't do that without having my life made into more of a living hell than it already is.

This person said they would help me and I was stupid enough to believe them. I hate myself a lot.

> Mastodon is crumbling
Seems to be working just fine to me. Maybe the error is on your machine. Have you tried turning it off and on again?


> Participants for the constituent studies were recruited by researchers at four sites:
> Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yeah, this really makes me feel better about the therapist I haven't had for years while dealing with frequently recurring invasive thoughts and compulsions to end my own life.

Part of me wants to find humour in the fact that they were too busy measuring dicks to be able to help me. But instead I just feel more worthless now.

"It'd be neat to run the output of different speech synth configs as the input for different speech recognition configs recursively like a game of digital broken telephone."

opinion about dog owners 


I do not appreciate a dog barking loudly and continuously. I can be sensitive to excess noise and people yelling does the same thing to me. If I could simply ignore it then I would, but I cannot, and it tends to cause me a lot of distress and anxiety.

People that let their dog shit in public places and do not clean it up seem to be totally ignorant of the massive health hazard that this creates.

There is more, but some of it is linked to very upsetting memories for me.

opinion about dog owners 

@ashfurrow A big pitbull that barks loudly at me and proceeds to jump up at me when I enter somebody's property does not scare me. Especially if it was brought up properly and not abused. In that case it usually just wants to sniff me and lick my face.

However, I have a lot of grievances with the way people treat and handle dog ownership for canines of any breed.

@halcy : Yeah but to their credit maybe they knew the UPC for it and could type it really fast despite not having an instant recollection of what one of those things looks like.

The thing about being an art critic or historian is that sometimes it is only worth your time to dissect and describe in detail a small sliver of what you have seen.


(We wuz Interplanetary before, but now I have a clue how to pull these levers.)

@ersatzmaus : The trick is to use

Though if that for some reason fails you too, then do reach out and let someone know.

("AYY LMAO") AYY LA-MAY-YO : ᢲ ᓚᢺᘏ

@ashfurrow :
function entropyCollector1 ()
function t () {return(~~(new Date()));}

var r=0,x=0,i=[0,0,0,0],j=[0,0,0,0,0];
var y,e=function(n){for(;(y+n)>t();j[n]++){if(0<n){e(n-1)}}};



while (3>x) {r=r^(((j[x]^i[x]^j[x++])&0xFF)<<(32-(8*x)));}


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