I am generally very anti-Instagram. That service appears to propagate some very harmful behaviors on the web, including the common grievance I have with just about every Facebook-owned service.

If somebody sends me a link to a piece of content on the web, and all I get in the response to my browser request is an opaque login-wall or a completely blank page that doesn't work without cookies/JS whatsoever... then yeah, the content probably wasn't worth my time anyway.


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Updated my random number stream generator web toy.
Now using a freshly modified entropy collection method that doesn't totally crash Tor Browser and other runtime environments that have a generally lower time accuracy. Also now using ChaCha20 insteal of Salsa20.




I don't want to overburden you with all the details too much here. However, I really do want to advocate for this platform/protocol and the many open standard extensions it has available. It's actually kind of upsetting sometimes to see so many people using unfriendly insecure closed platforms with no choice of client for doing this instant messaging stuff.

If you have ever used IRC before then a lot of things about XMPP should make sense to you, I think.

Don't hesitate to bother me there!

Really? You should at least go give it a try, in my opinion. It's standardized/open and can be federated (anyone can run a server that can connect to other servers/hosts sorta like in email). IMO though, the biggest folly with it is probably picking a good client. However, if you have an Android device then I highly recommend the app Conversations or the mostly identical fork Pix-Art Messenger. Both of these come with support for OMEMO (E2EE) built in. I could explain more.



Dino XMPP Client for Linux using the GTK3 widget toolkit.

( dino.im/ )

To my surprise, this thing is actually working incredibly well for how I am abusing timers and OS task scheduler process interrupts in order to gather entropy for a reasonably random number source.

I've been experimenting with these types of tricks for a while. Maybe I will build it up into a proper -- somewhat cryptographically secure -- mixed random number pool source. I will have to look into how people go about doing that I guess.

[Coping here.]


function collectTimeEntropy ()
function cte (n)
function t ()
return(1*(new Date()));

var y=(
var m=0x7FFFFFFF;

var x=t();



return( (cte(7)^cte(5)^cte(3)) );

// Anyone wanna test this? //

You can get some of those fx via extensions if you're a GNOME user but really I agree that tweaks tool at least in GNOME under wayland should really have a lot of the options from compiz brought back into the fold. Some of them were just eyecandy but others were actually great enhancements of the experience and for accessibility of the desktop experience.

Oh, well then, never mind, the *account* still works.

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> Twitter account suddenly stops working.
> Gmail is down when trying to access the email inbox the Twitter account is tied to.


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