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I redesigned the logo for the Invidious youtube-dl web frontend open source project a while back. I even liked it so much I emailed the dev to show them. Never got a response back though. If you run an invidious instance and use the default (fav)icon then consider this if you want to. I tried to keep the artistic intent of the original design while still going about things the way I do on the 16*16 collapsed grid with this though. I just like this creation too much to not share it.

> WTF is this machine doing?
Passing traffic from and to a whole fucktonne of different, unrelated and most likely anonymous clients. I2P/Tor/Yggdrasil network node.

Because if you want to dragnet my data, you better have to trawl through an ocean of shit just to be able to take a swing at it.

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