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Updated my random number stream generator web toy.
Now using a freshly modified entropy collection method that doesn't totally crash Tor Browser and other runtime environments that have a generally lower time accuracy. Also now using ChaCha20 insteal of Salsa20.



To my surprise, this thing is actually working incredibly well for how I am abusing timers and OS task scheduler process interrupts in order to gather entropy for a reasonably random number source.

I've been experimenting with these types of tricks for a while. Maybe I will build it up into a proper -- somewhat cryptographically secure -- mixed random number pool source. I will have to look into how people go about doing that I guess.

[Coping here.]


function collectTimeEntropy ()
function cte (n)
function t ()
return(1*(new Date()));

var y=(
var m=0x7FFFFFFF;

var x=t();



return( (cte(7)^cte(5)^cte(3)) );

// Anyone wanna test this? //

Oh, well then, never mind, the *account* still works.

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> Twitter account suddenly stops working.
> Gmail is down when trying to access the email inbox the Twitter account is tied to.


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