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Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

How I'll remember JavaScript hoisting from now on:

function pirate() {
jollyRoger = 'Avast ye landlubbers!';
var beAggressive = true;
console.log(jollyRoger); //hoisting the jollyRoger
console.log(beAggressive); // ReferenceError

I love apps that tell you that you're on a daily streak. I love streaking.

Standing desks: head and shoulders above the rest.

I just cut the time it took to run a series of database changes in half.

`INSERT ... SELECT ...` saves the day.

Lesson (re)learned: Don't return data to a different server if you just want the database to do something with it. Just do it in the database.

In my defense, this was a non-obvious case of copying a large set of rows and their columns into one row per original column in a different table. Don't ask.

πŸ“ˆ πŸ’―

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PEBKAC: problem exists between kubernetes and container

Friendly Mastodon tips

❌ Dunks
βœ… Friendship

A little known fact is that Jeff Goldblum worked for a short time as a web consultant. Truth.

This is a video of one of his discussions with stakeholders after someone suggested using EAV:

Hey! You know what I just noticed!?

The outrage culture from bird site followed us onto here! Maybe shitty-discourse isn't the result of the platform or it being distributed or not... maybe it's rather about the amount of people screaming to be heard at the same time!? πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

And last night there where a lot of people wanted to be heard... and now they are all waking up again!

If someone wanted to tell me wth happened tonight on federated, I wouldn't be mad. Everyone is angry at one dude? Why?

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