All these developers going nuts about Windows getting the Linux kernel built in, when Linux has had the Linux kernel built in this whole time...


@russsaidwords At least I'm like "this is cool" and not going nuts. Hopefully it will be a "gateway Linux" for people though.

@gudenau Gateway Linux sounds like a great distro name...

"Microsoft has entered the chat."

@russsaidwords Are developers going mad for it? Most I know use Linux or Mac anyway 🤷‍♂️

@mikebabb Ha, nah, I don't have my finger on the pulse of all developers. However, the semi-technical press is making a hubbub about it, so my expression was generally a reaction to their seeming overreaction.

@russsaidwords Yeah, they got pretty excited about the first iteration of "Ubuntu running in Windows" as well. I didn't get it then, and I don't get it now. If you want Linux, run Linux!

@mikebabb Their stated idea was to enable web devs to be able to do their work with the High Quality A+ Enterprise UI and manageability of Windows

@mikebabb Basically the target audience is "well I *would* like to use OSX and it'd make my work way easier, but I already know Windows, so maybe...."

When I worked at $OUTSOURCING_COMPANY I messed around with it for a little while, but it was even more deficient than msys/cygwin so I just used that.

@mikebabb @russsaidwords their hope is that managers and it departments will go mad for it

@russsaidwords @mikebabb
Well it's very useful when you have to use Windows and use other tech on Linux (like databases), you can then run all of it without messing with a VM or other.

It's like running Wine on Linux in fact.

@russsaidwords I just figure it's the first step to Windows becoming a subsystem for Linux

@russsaidwords well, some people actually need to run windows due to reasons and would like to have the linux kernel as well. For example, with that you can run both VS 2017 and Linux based build pipelines and ship cross platform software.

@soapdog There are no good reasons for using bad software: only business reasons.

@russsaidwords you know as well as I that good and bad is not an absolute value. There are good things on windows, for example, its retrocompatibility with old software is great. Try picking a binary for some industrial stuff from 20 years ago and running. It still works.

@soapdog I imagine it's like turning on the heaters in your house for the first time in the cold season, burning off all of that accumulated dust. 😉

I'm just playing, by the way.

@soapdog @russsaidwords Retro compatibility that rarely works in my experience.

@Clipsey @russsaidwords better than not having it. If you pick an old mac program, it will simply be impossible to run it in todays macs for example. Even old MacOS X apps won't run.

Pick an old Linux binary, that depends on libraries you no longer have and can't install without wrecking your system or going through multiple steps to mitigate it.

No retrocompatibility is perfect but that is one thing that it usually is good on windows.

@soapdog @russsaidwords pick an old linux binary and put the dependencies beside it via LD_PRELOAD_LIBRARY and you're good to go?

@ethoslibre Well, if I'm talking about the kernel, then no. No GNU for you! 🙂

@russsaidwords I'm big sad that microsoft is appropriating linux to make a profit by spying on us. next thing you know they are gonna rename it to winux. winux is not unix.

@russsaidwords whats good about this is we can now compare them better. this distro costs money and spys on you, this one doesn't.

@russsaidwords What´s really weird to me is, why can microsoft get a complete linux subsystem in a couple of years, while running windows programs on linux is still extremely buggy.
clearly they are taking a different (seemingly better?) approach.

They can see into their own black box: they are starting from that position and integrating an open source software into their black box. It's harder to go the other way around.

@russsaidwords yeah that makes sense, probably the reverse engineering is most time-consuming part.
I really don´t care about the whole WSL subsystem though, I gave windows another try yesterday and it just doesn´t work right for me :(

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