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Hello all! I'm Russ. I'm based in Western New York state. I like Linux, use Vim occasionally, and mostly program for the web at work. I recently lost 140 pounds and I try to hit the gym three times a week. I'm all about self improvement! Have a good day!

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Our code, which is in git, hallowed be thy semicolons. Thy work be done, in prod as it is in local. Give us this day our daily error messages. And forgive us our commits, as we forgive those who ask us for more features. And lead us not into technical debt, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the DOM, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Stallman.

Tooting negatively about someone else's negativity does not constitute tooting positively, despite what you may or may not have learned in your Math classes.

That is not not not not not good.

Documentation is the greatest contribution to open source that you can make. If it's lacking, you write the book on the subject. If it's present, you enhance your own understanding while you write it. There are no downsides to bettering FOSS documentation.

"What was the toughest problem you solved, and how did you solve it?"

"Well, this week, I made multiple AJAX calls sequentially. I didn't understand how jQuery Deferred worked, so I read up on Promises and Deferred and AJAX requests using jQuery shorthand methods. I wound up solving the entire thing by using '.then()' instead of '.done()'. True story. The path to triumph was ridiculous and convoluted, and people were urging me to do it a lesser way and I resisted the temptation to say 'Screw the UX.'"

It's exceedingly unfortunate that sometimes, rabbit holes contain rabbits, and that other times, rabbit holes contain dragons.

Scrum seems a lot like Communism: A utopian vision for the way the world should be, but humanity seems incapable of implementing it the right way.

See you at the "stand-up", Comrade.

Biggest insurmountable technical problem of the morning?

The webcams at my dog's day care facility aren't working properly.


They say Code Smell has a subjective definition. I suppose that's true. If I had to describe the smell of this code, it would be "firebombed garbage dump."

I've uninstalled and re-installed Rust-lang and all of it's components multiple times. I can get it working at home on my Manjaro machine. Something is just not quite right with this Ubuntu box.

"cargo run <project>" outputs that it's compiling, that it's finished, then it tries to go to "Running" and errors out with "error: could not execute process `target/debug/<project>` (never executed)" and "Caused by: No such file or directory (os error 2)".

Nothing is being built by rustc, either. Strange.

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I meant to do a whole lot more procrastinating today. It really sucks not hitting your personal goals.

Someone please make popcorn called 'Kernel Panic'.

I just found a caught EXCEPTION, and the only thing inside the catch was a comment that said "// this is normal..."

I am so afraid I wrote that...

Git Blame says...

I didn't do it! HA! Today just got that much brighter. The air is sweeter. The coffee is less bitter. I hear the song of birds and they are happy in the distance.

My fiancee and I just converged our bachelor/bachelorette parties. It's mayhem. I love it. I hope you are all well. New people, you are so very welcome. 🍍 If you were all here, you would have brought your own drinks. The fire is going in the backyard. The beer pong table is going strong. The beer is flowing. This is what I dreamed it would be. I am so happy! I'm wishing you all the same. Take care of yourselves, and if you're not happy right now, know that things change all the time. Your time we'll come.

I've successfully stopped myself from distro-hopping by telling myself that the next time I switch, I'm going Gentoo. That's nipped it in the bud.

🎶 “Get your kicks, on 8.12403841” 🎶

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