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Hello all! I'm Russ. I'm based in Western New York state. I like Linux, use Vim occasionally, and mostly program for the web at work. I recently lost 140 pounds and I try to hit the gym three times a week. I'm all about self improvement! Have a good day!

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Our code, which is in git, hallowed be thy semicolons. Thy work be done, in prod as it is in local. Give us this day our daily error messages. And forgive us our commits, as we forgive those who ask us for more features. And lead us not into technical debt, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the DOM, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Stallman.

I'm giving i3 a go. It's not bad so far. Things appear to be laid out pretty sensibly. It helps to have a Firefox tab with the i3 User Guide open at all times.

Huh, just discovered that F11 and Modifier+F both full screen not only the program but also the tab in Firefox's case. Interesting.

I believe I chose at one point to make the Super key my modifier which has made me happy ever since, because using Alt would have upset the delicate snowflakes that are every application that I use on a daily basis.

Rumors have it that in order to practice for his role as the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix lived in a society for (at times) several consecutive weeks.

i regret to report that, due to an error in the way mastodon federates, we are all married now. i have contracted out to cern for the creation of a chore wheel that will incorporate all of our various homes. some travel may be required

I wanted to see some ferrets and G'DAMN, there are 0 people posting with that hashtag. GET ON IT FERRET OWNERS

If you guys don't use , you're gonna be FUCKED when the apocalypse comes but the Internet wallets are still in tact.

So here I am, playing video games. I could be productive right here... I could be creating something. But my mind feels like mush after 8 hours, and I finally don't feel burnt out enough to actually enjoy whatever it is that I'm doing. So it's low stress, low thought stuff. But it's what I feel like I can handle right now. I want to contribute. So I donate money to and call it square.

I just installed Arch on a VM. That was not for the faint of heart, but it got done.

I could definitely see doing this but only with another computer at the ready to look everything up in the background.

Also also, apparently if you use the second form of $.get: $.get({settings}), you can supply "cache: false" as a key value pair and jQuery will automatically append a "_" to the query string with a timestamp as a value.


I treat my new adjustable standing desk much like a Jetsons tower house - start the day standing, then lower it to eat lunch seated, and then finish the day standing again.

The only problem is my back pain is back because I've been sitting too long during the mid-day lunch.

It is kind of sad that the Jetsons normalized needing a house in the sky to get above the pollution in the atmosphere. And that Judy would always steal the wallet.

While I work on a new ThinkPrivacy site, I changed to a single page design for now to be the solution to what I think pages like PrivacyTools got wrong when nesting too many of their pages.

I hope this is even easier for people to access.

Also, please don't lose respect for me because our tech stack includes jQuery. I don't make the rules around here, I just break them.

IE strikes again: caching AJAX GET requests without a query string.

$.get("yourURLhere", { q: }) ... should help in every browser that supports, and if you're supporting IE8 or below...

May Tux have mercy on your soul.

Don't know who chose the numbers for the french, but calling "80", "four twenties" was really a 3 millennium weed joke in the making.

"I personally would feel more comfortable letting my kids run off and play without my direct supervision if I knew I could check where they were via GPS"

Jesus christ man. To be fair, your parents didn't do that and look how you turned out!

In just a decade, smartphones, tablets and "apps" have sprung up and taken over the world. It's perfectly possible to change society beyond recognition and quickly... so how about doing it for a sustainable existence?

If I'm reading an article dripping with Math and I don't know the name of the Greek letter being used, it is Theta in my mind.

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