The realisation that like is being used by US adversaries to get around US sanctions has really scared the President and the US government. This looks like the start of their push-back against any freedom that have brought us so far.


Then end the sanctions.

Sanctions have been always ineffective, the leaders of Venezuela, DPRK, etc. always have gotten around them one way or another with or without crypto, while innocent civilians suffer from starvation and deprivation of freedom.

The U.S. needs to stop weaponizing economy if it purports to be the champion of "free market."

If history tells me anything, sanctions lead to wars not peace.

@salixlucida The US Congress believes they have the right to control what the world's nations and people are able to do no matter how ineffective these sanctions are. They will continue to pursue the actors that allow the bypassing of their sanctions with no end in sight, similar to the drug war.

All of this will continue even as the US hegemony gets weaker over time.

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