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I could really setup office here in Killarney Provincial Park. All I need is a satellite internet connection.

Sean Parker of Napster got it pretty accurate with this one. I bet most people did not believe him at the time.

How you did in this pandemic, as a country, a village, a business, a group, or an individual, whether emotionally, economically, or morally, is an indication of how robust you are and how fit you will be for the next decades.

Full-List of bots:

In the proprietary software business there is a lot of half-truths spoken between customer and provider when an issue occurs.

In open source development issues can be addressed directly without worrying about business considerations.

Just another reason open source software can be developed much more efficiently.

Legit interested in seeing the US government shut down twitter because it would lead to trying and probably failing to shut down mastodon

Does anybody know how to get jira issue notifications to post in a matrix room? Using webhooks or anything else.

It is interesting reading some of John Mark Walker's articles. He believes Open Source software will out-compete proprietary software in business on both cost and quality.

Writing things I want to do in a blog might be helping me to actually complete them. Like Naval's idea about Social Consistency. If I say I am going to do something then eventually my friends and colleagues are going to ask "Hey, have you done that thing yet?". This adds some social pressure to myself.

I also forgot to mention my blog is fully hosted. No server needed just a domain name.

4/ Having more free and open source software in the travel industry can bring many benefits. Software developers can create complete systems more efficiently. Tour operators and travel agents can have more control over their data. More business being done using open protocols and open software will allow smaller companies to work together easier without having to go through one of the industry gate-keepers. And finally, tour operators and travel agencies will hopefully experience less vendor lock-in.

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3/ I plan on outlining protocols and developing software that can be used instead of companies needing to develop their own proprietary versions of these same systems. My hope is that both small travel agencies and larger tour operators find this software useful and both use it and help to improve it.

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2/ When I started making software for the travel industry I searched for any information on how data structures and processes should be created for this industry, but found none. I had to create all of these from scratch with the help of my partners. I assume every company that has produced proprietary software in this industry has gone through the same process and comes up with basically the same structures and processes.

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1/ I published my first blog post about my start on creating open technologies for the travel industry. There is no free and open source software specifically for the travel industry. I hope to make an effort to add some and maybe I will find others that will help me in this process.

The terminology seems reversed in the Fediverse. The term favourite seems more important than a boost, while when I used twitter I would re-tweet something if I agreed with it a lot and like things that I mildly related to.

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