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I could really setup office here in Killarney Provincial Park. All I need is a satellite internet connection.

I ordered a Baofeng UV5R and I am excited to learn about amateur radio!

if i were me i would simply take care of my responsibilities so i dont have to worry about them

Liverpool FC is trying to copyright "Allez, Allez Allez"! This chant has been used before them for years. Why do we continue to accept and follow these rules that corporations and governments impose on us even though the majority of people would never accept these rules if proposed independently?

Has anybody used It is git hosted on IPFS. This sounds like a great project that could support a future decentralised github. I wonder if in future we could use filecoin to pay for the long term storage of these git repos?

GitHub is blocking people based on region. This does not help the open source community. I'm thinking of moving my company's repo to gitlab. Will they eventually start blocking people too?

MakerDAO and Cosmos sponsoring a hackathon together? Does this mean we will see DAI on the Cosmos blockchain? They ARE working on making all tendermint blockchains compatible with ethereum smart contracts.

this is what we should have been afraid of: that the US government would strong-arm nsafacebook into taking even what could have been a good thing (a decentralized network, like bitcoin) and turning it into a tool of global oppression by adding "spy on your customer" mechanisms right into the payment network

I find on twitter my eyes keep moving towards a user's username to check what instance they are on to find out more about their potential interests and views.

Interesting thought from econoar@twitter:

Considering a fork of PoolTogether for Ethereum public goods...

1. Community pools Dai
2. Dai earns interest on compoundfinance
3. Interest earnings are donated to ETH projects
4. Can take back your principal at any point

If anything's going to keep FOSS alive it won't be web-scale upstream-owning megacorps, and it won't be yesterday's problematic icons alienating everybody they talk to today.

It's gonna be you, doing stuff you think is cool and helping other people do stuff they think is cool.

I took the personality test and I got the Mediator personality type and it seems to have matched well.

It got me wondering if these results are just similar to what horoscopes do. I find each of the descriptions of the symbol personality types are just compliments and no matter which one I read I feel they are talking about me in a positive way.

For any Lightning Network experts on here; can a request be used for more than one payment. Or is it complete once a payment is made?

If you were to get a brain implant with an external connector in the back of the neck, which plug would you prefer?

They call it "airplane mode" to make you feel 'crazy' if you dare toggle it on because you want #privacy and don't cross borders ;-)
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