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If you like discussing the merits of the term “data science”, this article may be interesting: [PDF]

@keybase any plans on whitelisting Or even better, getting rid of whitelisting all together?

There are countless ways you can contribute to Open Source software, not just coding.

Translations, for instance, are quite important:

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watching a really nice talk from about systemd. if you are unsure about systemd or want a different perspective on why it's been so contentious in communities, then i highly recommend checking it out.

(note to self) Before investing several hours debugging Java builds, do a `rm -Rf ~/.m2`.

Functional programming is cool.
Checking whether function f is monotonic over domain d:

y =
(y, y.drop(1)).zipped.forall (_ <= _)

The conumdrum: a mediocre language used to build interesting things.

Linus Torvalds on using for the kernel:

"That's not a new phenomenon at all. We've had the system people who used Modula-2 or Ada, and I have to say Rust looks a lot better than either of those two disasters.

[...] I'm not convinced about Rust for an OS kernel (there's a lot more to system programming than the kernel, though), but at the same time there is no question that C has a lot of limitations."

Learning ansible. Its simplicity is a great fit for the containerised world

`sudo su` works without a password for any user on macOS. Go figure...

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