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Off to the Institute, in London, to do a talk on open source use cases.

If you are a JS developer, this doesn't come as a surprise. Since I'm not:

['1', '7', '11'].map(parseInt) returns [1, NaN, 3]

Sokal affair 2.0, or "This Marketing Blog Does Not Exist" (thismarketingblogdoesnotexist.) -- experiments on AI generated content.

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Rust's documentation is quite succinct:

"There are two kinds of reference:

Shared reference: &
Mutable reference: &mut

Which obey the following rules:

* A reference cannot outlive its referent
* A mutable reference cannot be aliased"

So on the same day I find out that the source for all the in available (, in all its ZIL glory) I also find out there's a Z-Machine implementation (

If you like discussing the merits of the term “data science”, this article may be interesting: [PDF]

I guess Baumann’s “a fork() in the road” paper is this week’s fashionable reading ( [PDF]).

@keybase any plans on whitelisting Or even better, getting rid of whitelisting all together?

There are countless ways you can contribute to Open Source software, not just coding.

Translations, for instance, are quite important:

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