Pingback and Webmention spammers are driving me crazy. A new trend I noticed is AI-driven Wordpress sites that publish gibberish, linking to your site---thus satisfying the URL requirements.
This is so much needless work... I now have a blacklist system, but that doesn't suffice, now I need to put everything in moderation, have an approval system, and take thresholds into account...

Seriously considering pulling the plug on Webmention-like comments on my sites. Thanks to a few assholes. 😡

@wouter reading this made me check my webmention implementation and realize my outgoing webmentions were broken, so thanks lol

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@wouter yup, sorry for the spam, I had to try a few times earlier. i guess i should try to configure to not resend for the same target somehow

@roytang haha that's fine my system can handle that I'm just glad my moderation thing works your domain wasn't whitelisted yet
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