@roytang Migadu.com looks pretty good. I hadn't heard of that one before. Thanks for the tip and the article.

@roytang I use Fastmail.com for $3/mo with essentially no outgoing email limit.

@r yeah, that's one of the commonly recommended ones. I remember looking at their plans before and I wasnt clear whether they allowed multiple mailboxes on the same domain? I think that's the reason I didnt choose them

@roytang well, it has a 30-day full-featured trial. And yes, I have 2 domains on there already. Not bad, IMHO. And better and cheaper than what you're using, I think. It also has a calendar, not that I use it, but might be more appealing for you as a Gmail replacement. :)

@roytang just in case you plan to switch, hope you can use my referral code so we both get something out of it (you get 10% off). ref.fm/u23847016 :)

@roytang thanks, Roy Tang. I love this kind of article of migrating away from Gmail to an alternative. Glad to see you in Mastodon!

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