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Survey: Do you have an active personal blog? Can you provide a link? Not one of those things where you're trying to earn money from the site, just casual blogging about whatever. I'd especially like to see any long-running blogs.

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Echoing my pinned post from twitter ( If anyone has any questions about Java, Python, Django, Sql, Javascript/node and general software dev stuff, especially for Pinoys, I'm willing to answer where I can. 15 yrs industry experience :)

Like if you don't mind if I correct your grammar here on Mastodon

I've been migrating most of my services away from my gmail account and it's kinda scary how many services don't have email confirmation

I wonder if there are other developers who have written their own software for their own use with horrible ui and horrible code that never gets cleaned up because "I'm the only one who'll ever use it"

Survey: What was your favorite movie of 2019?

Star Wars prediction: Rey is revealed to be the adult form of Baby Yoda. This is my headcanon until I watch on Saturday

New blog post: Watching Lately: November 2019: Broly, Justice League, Arrowverse, Mandalorian

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