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Echoing my pinned post from twitter ( If anyone has any questions about Java, Python, Django, Sql, Javascript/node and general software dev stuff, especially for Pinoys, I'm willing to answer where I can. 15 yrs industry experience :)

Really need to get better at not only recognizing when I'm on tilt (I'm pretty decent at that), but also stepping back and taking a breather when I do realize it

What happens to your desktop PCs when they die?

Lose a game because I got distracted by my own grammatical errors? Sure, why not

What are you worried about right now, in this very moment?

What do people use to automatically crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter?

Me: Loses to 3 control decks in a row. Me: Changes to deck to be less anti-aggro, more anticontrol MagicArena: Your next matchup is aggro

this is absolutely a first world problem i know, but current mood:

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Ah yes, wondering why your local changes aren't reflecting no matter how many times you refresh, only to later realize you were looking at prod...

Windows 10 was experiencing random 1-second slowdowns (can be fatal in games like Hollow Knight), so I decided to uninstall a few apps that no longer sparked joy

Also, I only realized last night that Assassin's trophy could target nonbasic lands safely. For some reason I thought it was "nonland permanent". All those games lost to a transformed Legion's Landing!

Not a fan of the phrasing "today years old" because "today" doesnt resolve to an integer number of years

Brain wouldn't let me sleep too much tonight. First dream's ending made me question whether I woke up in the right reality. Second dream, I tried to escape and got caught even though I was using dream-powers to cheat

I will draw a top hat on your avatar for a dollar.

Overcome your fears and your decisions will be easier

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