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Survey: Do you have an active personal blog? Can you provide a link? Not one of those things where you're trying to earn money from the site, just casual blogging about whatever. I'd especially like to see any long-running blogs.

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Echoing my pinned post from twitter ( If anyone has any questions about Java, Python, Django, Sql, Javascript/node and general software dev stuff, especially for Pinoys, I'm willing to answer where I can. 15 yrs industry experience :)

New blog post: Watching Lately: October 2019: Joker, Scorsese, Stuber, Bloodlines, Brotherhood

I'm not sure whether charging blindly into fixing an unfamiliar system in an unfamiliar language/framework is a core skill for (senior) developers, or madness, or maybe a little bit of both

Casual fridays imply the existence of ranked competitive fridays

Updated to the new firefox, and now I'm thinking about finally getting a Firefox account to work with Lockwise and Breach Alerts. Is a Firefox account worth it?

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