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Please write more.

Not just on social media, FB, Twitter, whatever. Write on your own sites and blogs. On your tumblrs, wordpresses, whatever. Long-form, rambling, incessant. The world could use more sincere blogging.

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Survey: Do you have an active personal blog? Can you provide a link? Not one of those things where you're trying to earn money from the site, just casual blogging about whatever. I'd especially like to see any long-running blogs.

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Echoing my pinned post from twitter ( If anyone has any questions about Java, Python, Django, Sql, Javascript/node and general software dev stuff, especially for Pinoys, I'm willing to answer where I can. 15 yrs industry experience :)

I was however amused that my second most played game was the Tales of Arise demo, which I didn't even play for more than an hour lol

Related: [My Switch Year in Review](

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My Playstation Wrapup 2021

This was probably the worst of the wrap-ups from the past year.

- arrived late
- page didn't even work for me at first, had to try again after a week or so
- design is terrible, lot of wasted space
- includes global stats, when this is **My** Wrapup! Have a separate page for that!

Jan 23 "Dance-Off Bro!" 23/365

Jan 24 Trash Panda 24/365

Jan 25 Running Late 25/365

Jan 26 Hawks 26/365

Some quick doodles today to catchup. The small pad I've been using for the past year or so is about to run out.

Shared via web: The 22 most anticipated indie games coming in 2022 - Polygon

Interesting list, though I'm not sure how many of these I'd actually want / be able to play.

Shared via web: Wiki History Game

Web game where you need to rearrange historical events chronologically. Best streak I got so far is 9.

Shared via web: CSS Speedrun | Test your CSS Skills

I've solved all puzzles on CSS Speedrun™ within 06:03:8 and all I got was this stupid tweet.

Shared via web: Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen | Psychology | The Guardian

I only alt-tabbed once while reading this lol. Also probably a bit ironic to be sharing this on social media

The Jyn Erso one is a second attempt at [one I did in 2016](, though I'm not sure this one is better.

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catchup day!

Jan 15 Controller 15/365

Jan 16 Jyn Erso 16/365

Jan 17 Jewelry 17/365

Jan 18 Rachel Summers 18/365

Someone gave me a new sketchbook, pencil and eraser a while back, I thought I'd give them a go. Haven't used pencil in a while, I find myself thinking I can just undo (too used to digital) instead of going for the eraser. I need a sharpener.

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