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@haskal is this linked to the pinebook distro or a generic Linux thing? I experience similar stuff in NixOS

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@raboof @notion having sway is easy, but making it as usable as my computer was needs a bit of effort put into

@raboof @notion yup that's where I kinda got stuck. I am aiming to give sway a try, but I still have a lot of work to put in my rice. It's become a branch in my dotfiles, but not too of my backlog yet :p will stay with Pantheon until I have the time

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"For 18 months, residents of a village in Wales have been mystified as to why their broadband internet crashed every morning.

Now engineers have finally identified the reason: A second-hand television that emitted a signal that interfered with the connection."

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The new design of the #NixOS website is online! It is made by a professional designer and implemented by the NixOS marketing team. The landingpage is ready, the other pages will be redesigned in the next days.

You can follow the progress here:

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Nice to hear that Github is finally replacing the term master with billgates

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talk like a pirate day 

the public domain has been stolen from us by paid-for legislation and piracy is a form of civil disobedience

@raboof I'm experiencing the same! Please do share your experiences experience with Wayland, I'm very interested :)

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Ignore the 嚚嚚嚚嚚嚚嚚嚚嚚嚚 text.
Ignore the ♀ color scheme.
Ignore the lack of icons.
It's not about all that.
It's about precision, speed, control允, and making programs talk to each other.
You become the interface, and it's powerful.仁
cc @katychuang

#nixos on my MacBook, latest findings 

* enable the webcam with the option hardware.facetimehd.enable
* configure mac-like trackpad gestures with fusuma (Magic Trackpad 2 does not behave as nice as the built-in, though
* find options and packages from the CLI with manix

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Fairphone 3+ features upgraded front and back cameras. However, Fairphone 3 users can buy the camera modules separately and install them in their phones if they want. How have we allowed something so obvious to look so extraordinary?

So I buy this "second hand - like new" lamp from Amazon and it arrives with half of the pieces... I was already fed up with Amazon, but what the hell. Not even a wall plug hahaha What better excuse than to stop being a lazy ass and walk down to the local store to get it.

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Paraphrasing something I said on a GNU mailing list about SourceHut's "alpha" status:

The alpha and beta milestones are how we're driving the software well above and beyond the levels of quality typical of our domain. Today, during the alpha, sourcehut is *already* the fastest and most reliable software forge, period. But we're not impressed by the competition, which is why I set our goals even higher, and why it's still considered in alpha.

@erictapen Next level blank keyboard... Sorry to hear this buddy

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tfw. construction workers respect themselves more than programmers:

A programmer works while drinking coffee. A construction worker takes a coffee break.

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@brandon I tried, I created one but it didn't change the detected size

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