Should I selfhost a next cloud instance or should I use a provider? 🙄 Anyone with experience hosting it? Is it a pain to maintain?

@rothair I have a install on DigitalOcean.

My current install uses Snap but I'm planning on doing a full install using Ansible (why? Keep reading ;) )
In the very beginning, I had some issues with Spaces (DO version of S3), but after tweaking NextCloud to cache as much as possible, the problem is completely gone.
I'm having an issue with MySQL going out-of-memory and NextCloud doesn't seem to be able to recover from that, even if MySQL comes back. I didn't find the cause of this issue yet, but I'm planning on switching from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
The last issue is the app. I use a nginx in front of my domain to manage the SSL certificates ('cause I have other subdomains in the same install). This requires me to configure the NextCloud install to use HTTPS, but then it freaks out 'cause the Snap version isn't set up for HTTPS. Again, I hope the Ansible install will fix it.

Although those points above seem a bit hard, the install works mostly fine, but I'm seeing that I need a WebDAV/Web File Server a lot more than the whole shebang from NextCloud (calendar, notes, tasks, etc, etc, etc). I still haven't figure out what I could use instead.

@rothair My guess is that if you don't plug an S3 storage, and doesn't use 3-4 WebDAV clients over it at the same time, it should be a smooth sail. :D

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