Can anyone recommend a nice #linux #X11 #terminal emulator that supports vimium/termite-style 'url hinting' for easily opening URL's in the terminal?

#termite is nice but seems to have been abandoned.

It looks like #urxvt can be extended with a plugin to achieve this (, other recommendations welcome ;)

@raboof I just moved from termite to alacritty and I'm quite happy :) still haven't configured much though

@rothair yeah alacritty seems nice - but from I assumed there's no easy way to follow a URL without the mouse yet, right?

@raboof I'd ask @sir who is famous for not leaving the keyboard :p any ideas?

@raboof after looking just a bit more I found about the vi mode in alacritty. Works pretty well! Allows to follow urls from the terminal, although without the neat termite selectors. Hope it helps!


@raboof combined with search, one can get quite fast to the URLs anyways :)

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