I know, Java ist not very cool and shine, but with a few years distance to the learning years in school and university it's very delightful to work with the language.

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@rotespferd I spent my formative years hating it, and then when I got into legitimate enterprise-level development I realized how many problems it solves. Now I get spooked when I see people doing Dangerous Things :110:

@level2wizard At my day-to-day work we use PHP for web projects. In contrast to that, java is heaven 😉 I mainly use it for private projects and learning some Spring Boot now.

@rotespferd Nice, I've done a couple of internal REST APIs with Spring; fan of it, but I prefer vertx

@level2wizard What do you think is the advantage of vertx? I have no experience with it so far.

@rotespferd compared to Spring it might be overkill, but the ability to have reactive distributed applications in a large-scale system is a neat feature. If you've ever had to wrestle with a classloader as part of your app then vertx becomes more relevant :D

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