Debugging frustration: *why* does this work on my machine?

The gym is a lot less fun when you forget to bring your headphones ☹️

Adding a four paragraph mid-file comment to explain the bug fixes, performance and thread safety improvements that has helped shape that implementation.

It makes me understand why formal diagrams were invented... but I usually feel too constrained by those when I need to think.

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I love freeform drawing to help me think though certain problems.

Next time I’ll continue to fail repeatedly to Nightmare King Grimm 😅

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Beating Trial of the Fools in Hollow Knight gets to be enough games for one night.

Today marks one year since I walked into Infinite Loop as new employee. Time flies!

I have a few unusual—but still useful—tests that make me smile because they're things I used to think couldn't or shouldn't be tested.

Swapping out Tweetbot on the main home screen with a Mastodon client (currently Amaroq) from the third screen. This is going to feel odd at first.

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