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#iPad #SplitView #multitasking

Our 18 yo daughter, who graduates Friday, targeted Best Buy for her summer employer. She interviewed today and within 2 hours they called and offered her the job. Very proud of her for researching employers and going for what she wanted.

A rather random selection of beer on tap. In a convenience store near Flagstaff Arizona. I’ve never seen this any where else. 🍺

“To have and to hold”

My wife and I have been together for over 20 years. It’s been a joy filled relationship! 💍

Our dog had some skin spots removed today. Left side shows constant anxious movement with a cone of shame. Right side is with her “Bad Dog” t-shirt covering the wounds. She hates both but hates the cone the most. 🐩

I have these and many other ways to tell time. None manage to displace my Apple Watch, even for a day.

Just noticed the dust. Sorry about that.

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How does the man in the moon get his hair cut? Eclipse it.

My brother called today and told me his wife now has significant memory loss. Things discussed one day are forgotten by the next. I want to start learning about this so I can support him the best I can. Any pointers appreciated. 🧠

I just can’t go without something salty and something sweet to end my day. Not the healthiest habit but it sure is delightful.

This short run of metal fence is purely decorative. It does not divide the community 😉

I’m thinking of getting on the list for a Steam Deck™. Just not sure I want a handheld that is that large.

If you’re interested in the just published image of the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy Dr. Becky Smethurst has an energetic video covering some FAQ.

Not being a html/css person, I am unreasonably pleased I managed to make the tiny change to my theme needed to be verified on Mastodon.

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Setting up my Linux work environment for the third time in just as many weeks due to hardware failures and temporary/replacement notebooks I wonder if there are any efforts made to have application settings saved in a consistent way, not counting full system backups, which don't help much if you're switching distros or distro major versions.

Some applications save their settings to the .config directory, others save them all over the place.

Why isn't there a portable settings container of some kind?

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This group of wild roses has formed their own little community, one of several on this prolific bush. 🌹

Watching the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this week reminds me of the old investing adage about “never try to catch a falling knife”. 🔪 I actually have quite a vivid picture in my mind.

Today I saw there was a Weapon Shop in Nakano Japan. They sell cosmetics?!?

Warning: link is to instagram. weapon shop中野店

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