Okay, well... if it were done when 'tis done, then 't'were well it were done quickly, just in case all the people doing full account exports knock over mastodon.technology entirely.

Jumping ship to @roguelazer@tenforward.social

Bummer that this instance is shutting down. Seems like most people I follow are on mastodon.social (boring), toot.cafe (closed for registrations), or here. Maybe I'll try tenforward.social? Could also self-host, but mastodon is less fun without busy Local and Federated Timelines

Listening to the guy next to me at this plaza loudly complain about how the Bay Area is full of "engineers" who can't use language and don't understand humor and have no culture except "AI"

Got my bivalent booster ( mRNA-1273.222) today, as well as my quadrivalent flu shot (Sanofi-Pasteur). That's six valences!

I think someone just was casing my house? Cameras alerted; I thought it was the usual homeless guy collecting recycling at the curb, but when I turned the exterior lights on, a different person sprinted away from the path to the backyard (and seems to have freaked out the usual homeless guy, so I don't think they were working together).

Day one of funemployment just about complete and I've finished everything on my to-do list, including stuff that's been pending for weeks. Having free time during business hours makes stuff a LOT easier.

With AOD off, the new iPhone gets great battery life. Just a half-baked feature, I guess.

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Well, we had a little hitch when my Google account was shut off in the middle of the Meet call with HR, but my offboarding is done, and, with that, so is my time at EasyPost.


This is my last week at my current job (which I've been at for exactly 366 weeks)... I'd kind of forgotten what this felt like...

is weird software that suddenly appeared in the latest rocky8 release. Privileged commands over DBUS with its own bespoke XML configuration? Weird notes about "undefined behavior" if the config file has any duplicated stanzas? Written in a bunch of sketchy C (six level-deep nested structs!)? All ✔!

This is fascinating. The Best Western I'm staying in MITMs SSH sessions (even on non-standard ports). If you accept their host key and still attempt to connect to a normal (i.e., password-forbdden) server, the middlebox sends back an SSH protocol error message of

> Connection blocked because server only allows public key authentication. Please contact your network administrator.

I've *never* seen public WiFi MITM SSH before.

Amusingly, they still allow wireguard traffic through unmolested.

Woke up with a 103°F fever and feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Everyone in the house tested negative for so I guess it's probably something else. Augh.

I managed to get Homeworld Cataclysm (Emergence) running under wine this evening. Pretty simple: install Emergence from the GOG offline download, install the .NET 4.0 redistributable, and then run `"C:\GOG Games\Homeworld Emergence\cataclysm.exe" /window /safegl /device d3d /noFastFE /triple /1024` Now to play a game I haven't played in 20 years...

I've been playing with wooshy.app/ the last couple of days and it's amazing (it's a app for doing efficient mouseless UI interaction)

I've been experimenting with elastomeric reusable for prevention and wrote up some thoughts on the three I've tried so far at roguelazer.com/2022/08/lets-ta

The place I'm staying has 150 Kbps wired ISDN internet, or 150 Mbps on 5G.

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