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Here's an electrical engineering question for today: what would fail first if I did the following:

1. Disconnected my house's master breaker to PG&E
2. Connected an inverter to the 12V socket in my car
3. Used an (illegal) male to male NEMA 5-15 extension cord to plug the car into the house

Why does an Apple Studio Display firmware update require rebooting the entire computer?

Got one of the popular Vitalight mini CO2 sensors, which charges via , but is missing the resistors to allow it to charge on C-to-C cables. Why do people still make this mistake? Augh!

My 2-year-old got his second () shot yesterday; I know it's not perfect but it still reassures me greatly. Next up: bivalent boosters for the adults.

with the new redesign ( I think google has finally reached the level of visual distraction last seen in Yahoo! mail circa 2004

Pretty cool... I filed a pull request on the library ione a couple of weeks ago ( and not only did it get merged yesterday, but it spurred them to do the first new release of ione in more than 6 years. Sometimes works pretty well...

I decided to play with since is pretty much totally dead now:

Seems... fine. Same idea as Keybase, but no cryptographic verification of the claims, so rather more trust required in the provider.

( this is for the new key I set up last month in )


I have to fly to Buffalo next month so I'm ordering an elastomeric respirator and P100 filters and exhalation valve filters... I know too many people who've gotten COVID on an airplane in the last month even with an N95, since nobody else on the plane was masked. Bah!

Next up is the 56mm f/1.2. About the same weight as the 90mm, relatively slow to focus, and oddly noisy but gorgeous. Both of these shots are wide-open and the in-focus bits look sharp as hell to me. There’s a reason this seems to be the go-to Fujinon…

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Rented some lenses to play with for the weekend. First up is the 90mm f/2. Absolute joy to handle, super fast focus, lovely bokeh wide open

got some pretty great spam today

Why, yes, I would like a list of all companies using JavaScript...

All of the disks from your previous configuration are gone
If this is an unexpected message
Please power off your system and check your cables
Ensure all disks
Are present
Press Y to acknowledge and continue

"How the metaverse could disrupt the in-car experience"

This is some kind of weird practical joke, right?

Figured out why the kitchen smells musty the last few days; there's a leak behind the sink. Here comes a hideously expensive repair project!

Old houses suck -- everything breaks constantly and it's twice as expensive as modern fixtures to repair. Too bad the Bay Area hasn't built any housing in 40 years and most of the housing stock was cheaply built >100 years ago and is now on its last legs...


It took 10 days, but my wife is now testing negative again. Hooray.

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Why is the picture of Kevin Lloyd (the plaintiff) him in the woods in a "bigfoot caught mid-stride" pose though?


After more than two years of successfully avoiding it, my wife has tested positive for COVID.

I'm still negative on an antigen test (and asymptomatic); getting a PCR this afternoon to see if I have an asymptomatic case.

Also buying more air purifiers.


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