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I bought some Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW earbuds recently and, if anyone is looking for Bluetooth earbuds to use with an iOS device, I'd highly recommend them. Great audio quality (they support AAC which is the top thing to look for in Bluetooth audio devices to use with iOS), crazy-long battery life, reasonably comfortable, and they block most of the BART screech without giving me an ANC headache.

you know it's going to be good when something has a filename of "proposal_03.07.2019 v02.docx_Page 1-20.pdf"

Building Linux 5.3.x fails with "Error: using shift_ist requires paranoid=1"; anyone else run into this? Not sure if it's an artifact of my assembler version or something in my kconfig or what.

it's cool that a stick of RAM catastrophically failing no longer brings down the whole machine and linux can hotplug RAM

It occurs to me that I haven’t bought a non-rack-mounted UPS in, like, 15 years.

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The big East Bay power outage today has me thinking about getting a UPS for my desktop & network gear. Is the usual recommendation still just to get an APC model one VA-size bigger than you think you need?

conspiracy theory, apple 

Maybe Apple made the butterfly keyboard so flaky intentionally so that people would be more open to trying an iPad as their primary portable computer. Every time my space key sticks it makes me tempted by a software keyboard...

Important 11 update: it doesn't completely lose service in SFBART near MacArthur. Modem/radios are at least slight improved over all previous Intel iPhones...

Someone at work mentioned a paper from college today, and I idly noticed that I have a folder full of papers I wrote for a history class ("History of Science and Technology in the Modern World") from my Junior year that I have *absolutely no memory of taking*. According to my transcript, I got an A?

Seriously, if you'd asked me yesterday I would've sworn I never took a history class after high school.

I am 100% convinced that every tech company would be well-served by firing 80% of their employees and cutting hiring by 80%. Rapid growth is the root of all evil.

I am deep in the (YARV) internals trying to figure out some locking around `GET_VM()`. I think my brain is leaking out of my ears.

Did 0.4 just get quietly released? I see the `stable` tag getting bumped on Github, but no release announcement.

TW: suicide, public transit 

Not to be callous, but if you're the primary commuter transit in a several-million-resident metro area, maybe you should have a strategy to not completely shut down for an entire evening of commute every time someone causes a "major medical emergency" by jumping in front of a train. This happens every couple of weeks on

“Hundreds of thousands of clock domains” in Apple’s new CPU cores? Holy crap that must be a complicated clock tree. Do they just stop worrying about clock skew at that point?


On a BART car where the doors are stuck open at the end of the car. And, to think, I thought these were loud with the doors closed! The transbay tube might've actually just damaged my ears.

3 was pre-announced today. They're using a weird crowdfunding platform for it, which makes me a bit nervous, but... Homeworld!

And the fact that they're replacing PGP signatures with a tool whose README (a) has a big warning that it's alpha-quality and should not be used, and (b) says that it is not a suitable replacement for PGP signatures and should not be used as such... :sad_but_cool:

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Am I the only person in the universe who verifies signatures for software source tarballs? This is the *second* time I've had to report this exact same ticket on the project:

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