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Rented some lenses to play with for the weekend. First up is the 90mm f/2. Absolute joy to handle, super fast focus, lovely bokeh wide open

got some pretty great spam today

Why, yes, I would like a list of all companies using JavaScript...

All of the disks from your previous configuration are gone
If this is an unexpected message
Please power off your system and check your cables
Ensure all disks
Are present
Press Y to acknowledge and continue

"How the metaverse could disrupt the in-car experience"

This is some kind of weird practical joke, right?

Figured out why the kitchen smells musty the last few days; there's a leak behind the sink. Here comes a hideously expensive repair project!

Old houses suck -- everything breaks constantly and it's twice as expensive as modern fixtures to repair. Too bad the Bay Area hasn't built any housing in 40 years and most of the housing stock was cheaply built >100 years ago and is now on its last legs...


It took 10 days, but my wife is now testing negative again. Hooray.

Show thread is fascinating

Why is the picture of Kevin Lloyd (the plaintiff) him in the woods in a "bigfoot caught mid-stride" pose though?


After more than two years of successfully avoiding it, my wife has tested positive for COVID.

I'm still negative on an antigen test (and asymptomatic); getting a PCR this afternoon to see if I have an asymptomatic case.

Also buying more air purifiers.


The build backlog ( is enormous today; I've been waiting for a package to build for like 4 hours and it looks like it'll be at least another 10 hours

work (antiwork?) rant 

Watching a company all-hands presentation about how pension plans are bad because they discourage "personal responsibility".

I wish more undergraduate CS programs & coding bootcamps actually taught people practical skills, like how to use a command line, how to use SSH, how to use git (or at least some VCS), and how to use common unix editors.

Effectively every career will require using a command line on a Unix-like system and a version control system. Surprisingly few programming careers require the Floyd-Warshall algorithm.

I am just... really tired of having to teach new-hires this stuff all the time.

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Why do they even sell non-ECC 16GB DIMMs? MTBF seems to be a few months...

I'm very confident that the only reason a big swath of websites work on anything other than (Blink) is because Apple only allows on , so webdevs have to reluctantly test on multiple browsers and avoid Google's nonstandard features; for this reason only I hope Apple's able to avoid this proposed EU regulation and keep Blink off of iOS. I know it's anticompetitive, but it's actually the only thing preventing a total browser engine monoculture.

If you live in the US you can go order more free antigen tests at right now

Some solid templating in this marketing spam from CircleCI

There's a loud hum at about 120Hz in my living room that you can only hear from certain places. I wonder if that's the resonant frequency of this room? I assume it's being driven by the 60Hz hum of my house wiring? Very peculiar.

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linguistics, etymology, colonialism, Star Trek 

Did you know?

Persian "farangi" -->
Urdu/Hindi "firangi" -->
English (Star Trek) "Ferengi"

In South Asia, the term describes foreigners, specifically British but also more generally white Europeans.

It's such an apt name for the Star Trek species which embodies and makes a literal religion out of everything that is wrong with British/European/USian colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy; greed, sexism, profiteering, classism, racism, and so on.

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