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(you can create "collections" but they can't be used to filter auto-fill in ⌘\ or in browser extensions)

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They also appear to have removed the ability to filter which vaults show up in the default / "all vaults" search, which makes no sense if they're targeting enterprise customers. I have like 75 vaults, most of which are for rare and explicit use; I don't want results from them all in every dam auto-fill!

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And requiring system-wide accessibility access to get ⌘\ working in the browser is really the icing on the cake.

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It also breaks all the "legacy" far more secure extensions (which do all the sensitive bits in the local native app) in favor of the godawful new extensions that load your entire fucking vault into the browser's memory and do all the cryptography in JavaScript.

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I see that 8 came out today. It may look pretty, but moving to Electron more than doubled the memory usage (149.6MB to 362.9MB) and made a bunch of controls weirdly non-native. Really disappointed in Agilebits, which historically was one of the best Mac-first software firms.

Fun fact: X-Forwarded-For and X_Forwarded_For may or may not be the same HTTP header, depending on what libraries and frameworks you're using.

uspol, scotus 

Does this draft ruling also kill Lawrence v Texas?

If you find yourself designing an emergency room triage/waiting area... please, for the love of god, put at least one goddamn power outlet in it. How it it even legal to have a room this big with 0 outlets on the walls? Where do they plug in the vacuum or whatever to clean the floor?

So we all understand that the "pay remote employees the same salary everywhere" thing is going to lead to massive universal salary cuts for software engineers after a couple of years and even us getting priced out of SF/NYC/etc, right?

"Great pay" for rural middle America is poverty wages to anyone who wants to live in a developed urban area in the US...

Upgraded one of my personal machines to bullseye today. This machine started out life running squeeze and has basically never had a major problem across 12 years of updates. All it runs is bind9, courier-imapd, postfix, apache, wireguard, and znc, but still, you gotta hand it to the Debian team for having amazing upgrade processes.

Nothing like someone accidentally dropping the wrong table in production to get your week going. Hooray backups! Maybe it's time to start running a delayed replica too...

There's got to be a better way to do a audit than taking literally thousands of screenshots and sending them to the auditor. I refuse to believe that when, say, Google gets audited every year they upload screenshots of every in-scope tool's authentication settings.

My alma mater () canceled alumni weekend because something like 17% of the student body is currently quarantined because of positive tests, if anyone was wondering how that's going

I do wish Mastodon had some more normies on it sometimes. Twitter has my local meteorologist on it and, like, I dunno, sometimes it's nice to just hear about the weather.

So as far as I can tell, the "easiest" supported way on to inspect another user's systemd jobs is to start a new session with `sudo machinectl $USERNAME@` and then use `systemctl --user` there; there seems to be no way to get `pam_systemd` work through sudo or any similar mechanism (without messing around with undocumented internals like $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR).

Is it that weird for a sysadmin to want to see services and jobs running as different users? This seems like a basic, day 1 requirement.

I'm sure this is great for all 7 people running Linux on the desktop but it makes it *so much harder* to actually run services on a server than sysvinit.

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Argh fucking ; user sessions seem to be totally useless. Oh, you want to have a non-privileged user able to manage services? Well, you can't use `systemctl --user` unless you want to literally log in as the privsep user, because `pam_systemd` doesn't work with `sudo` or `su`.

Maybe instead you want to use polkit to simply allow the user to interact with the system instance for some units? Too bad, because there are 0 lookup props exposed to polkit for the relevant action, so you can't do that.

I don't know what's more concerning: that this sketchy van was near a toddler park, or that it was right outside an emergency room drop-off...

Does anyone know the rationale for why Requires=foo in unit files doesn't imply After=foo?

profanity, Bay Area traffic 

Jesus ever-fucking Christ turn on your fucking lights when driving in the rain, you fuckers.

Special shout-out to the driver of the dark blue Tesla weaving in and out of traffic at 80 mph with no lights on 680 in the pouring rain: eat a bag of dicks.

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