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"Are there legit cases where money values cannot be represented as a float?"

not something I wanted to see in a code review comment at work

Someone on this BART train is using the little Palm-branded Android phone inside a case that makes it at least three times its normal volume.

My office was picketed today because of our CEO's political donations. I really know how to pick 'em.

My company just (5 minutes ago) announced a major reorg (via a PDF emailed to the whole team by someone's executive assistant), basically minimizing engineering, disowning all the projects engineering has been advocating, and putting most of the company in the hands of a new executive who nobody met until last week. I think that might be the next tone of the death knell that I hear...

Dropped the GC time of a production Java service by 85% today. That was nice.

Replaced my CST2545 with an Elecom M-HT1UR ("HUGE") at work today. So far so good -- I like the scroll wheel position a lot more. Needed to install SteerMouse to get the special buttons working in , though; USBOverdrive couldn't see them.

Seeing a bunch of SSL traffic through getting MITMed by an exit node presenting a * certificate. Hrm.

Upgraded to the 10.14.6 supplementary update and now my dock has a mysterious blue orb in it that I can't remove. Neat.

Sometimes I forget how terrible building software is. This open-source package is 14,500 lines of code and running `mvn` pulls in 876 jars (223MB) worth of dependencies.

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1Password is giving away free pro accounts to folks who are participating in elections or are campaigning for better democracy.

This dang Seagate drive failed after only 88 days of service time. Glad it’s in a RAID.

Ideal universe of online infosec discourse: any company even slightly violating CAB guidelines should be shot out of a cannon into the sun.

Real world: fortune 500 companies are bemused to learn that any of their customers have SSL certificate chain verification turned on; routinely have certificates expired for days on end and tell people to just disable expiration checking

Happy sysadmin appreciation day, fellow nerds

Apparently still corrupts SASI indexes if you do a repair of the main table, even as of 3.11.4. Upstream suggested fix is basically "don't repair those tables".

I’m sure it’s just a homeless person sleeping, but the all black van with blacked out windows and no license plate that’s been parked in front of my house since yesterday is kind of intimidating.

My mortgage was just sold for the fourth time in a year. So annoying! There should be a regulation limiting how often mortgage service can be sold without the lessor's consent.

lol. my serde change apparently broke compilation on mips32.

Got a patch merged into 's serde project today. That felt nice and productive.

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