Wrote my first non-trivial application which uses Warp and the new post-stdlib-futures Hyper. Not too bad, although I really wish Warp would let me write output filters without that terrible make_service_fn hack.

So, now that 1.39 is out, what are everyone's favorite stable-only, non-actix web frameworks to use as demos for the new async/await stuff?

Got a patch merged into 's serde project today. That felt nice and productive.

I wish (the concurrent iterator library) had functionality for obtaining a sorted sequential iterator on the results of a parallelized map. For a large enough data-set, the completion order of the tasks will be close-enough to sorted that you can do this with much less memory overhead than calling `.collect::<Vec<_>>` on the ParallelIterator.

blog.rust-lang.org/2018/11/27/ apparently there are more trans folks using than there are women? That is somewhat surprising.

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