Here’s a weird error message that occurred after updating to 10.15.2…

Upgraded to the 10.14.6 supplementary update and now my dock has a mysterious blue orb in it that I can't remove. Neat.


Any guesses as to the identity of this little arachnid living on my kitchen window?

Gmail has decided that is an untrusted domain

This survey about Firefox Accounts is idiotic. These are the four options they think people are most likely to choose?

The new logo looks terrible when shown atop on the dark grey color used by macOS as a background in Dark Mode. Who picked that shade of purple? Sheesh!

Is my surge protector supposed to have this many ants in it?

uspol, shitposting 

it's that time of year again

Marketing snailmail I got from today. Is it bad when you buy enough SSL certs that they care this much?

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