Next up is the 56mm f/1.2. About the same weight as the 90mm, relatively slow to focus, and oddly noisy but gorgeous. Both of these shots are wide-open and the in-focus bits look sharp as hell to me. There’s a reason this seems to be the go-to Fujinon…

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Rented some lenses to play with for the weekend. First up is the 90mm f/2. Absolute joy to handle, super fast focus, lovely bokeh wide open

got some pretty great spam today

Why, yes, I would like a list of all companies using JavaScript...

Some solid templating in this marketing spam from CircleCI

There's a loud hum at about 120Hz in my living room that you can only hear from certain places. I wonder if that's the resonant frequency of this room? I assume it's being driven by the 60Hz hum of my house wiring? Very peculiar.

There are about 160M women in the US. Where do the 100M of them not on this infographic live?

I see that 8 came out today. It may look pretty, but moving to Electron more than doubled the memory usage (149.6MB to 362.9MB) and made a bunch of controls weirdly non-native. Really disappointed in Agilebits, which historically was one of the best Mac-first software firms.

I don't know what's more concerning: that this sketchy van was near a toddler park, or that it was right outside an emergency room drop-off...

I wonder if CircleCI understands quite how weird all of their marketing emails about "private orbs" sound.

All I can think of is that weird Trump orb from 2017

I’m so glad we all have 30-bit high gamut displays now so that every icon can be the exact same four colors on a white roundrect.

Here’s a weird error message that occurred after updating to 10.15.2…

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