Here's an electrical engineering question for today: what would fail first if I did the following:

1. Disconnected my house's master breaker to PG&E
2. Connected an inverter to the 12V socket in my car
3. Used an (illegal) male to male NEMA 5-15 extension cord to plug the car into the house

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Answer reasoning 

@roguelazer I would think the extension cord wouldn't melt because they are generally made with fairly well rated components (from what I've seen). The car has to be able to deliver a lot of power for starting and I haven't heard good things about inverters you plug into cars. The fact that you know this is a really stupid idea tells me you'll probably do it as safe as possible.

@roguelazer it might be okay if you switch off all of the house breakers and turn them back on one at a time once the inverter is connected... I'd be most worried about inrush current on things like your refrigerator compressor.

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