I wrote a blog post about why v3 makes me sad. You know it's good because it's more than 50% footnotes.

I just read your post on Hackernews. I find myself agreeing with you on the point that big corps make softwere and technology worse for the majority. I think its time to fight for the spirit of what made the internet awsome. Insted of "5 big websites containing screenshots of the other 4". I would recomend a look at #dweb and #smallweb #fsf #eff For groups of people working for a similar goal of software freedom and autonomy.

@roguelazer I know I’m going to like this post already

“I would go so far as to say that Kubernetes (or, as the "cool kids" say, k8s) is the worst thing to happen to system administration since systemd.”

@dch @roguelazer oh god. so much fuckery.

systemd. docker. k8s. terraform. cloudformation. helm. chef. puppet.

not to mention the x86 instruction set. speculative execution. it goes on and on

@roguelazer When I found out that etcd's different API versions accessed totally separate data stores, I found it so hard to believe that I had to test it.

@mathew There is an experimental option to use the V3 (MVCC) store for V2 data which was mentioned in the 3.3.0 changelog and hasn't really had any mentions since then. I haven't been brave enough to use it on production workloads yet.

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