Aww yeah removing most of our customers' password requirements at work over the advice of myself and every other IC because we want to chase after the absolute worst customers who can't be bothered to make a password that isn't "password" and because we've decided to hand the keys to all technical decisions over to a bunch of PMs with no technical background. This is going to end super-well.

@roguelazer To be fair, having to reset your password every month is insane. Especially when the database keeps all the old ones you used.

Can't wait for U2F to be more of a thing.

@gudenau Oh, we never had expiration or any other dumb stuff. This is just length and complexity.

@roguelazer That's fine then.

I went to a school that wanted you to go though tech support to change your password because they kept a giant spreadsheet of everyone's passwords. Nothing prevented you from just changing it and they already have all the access. Never understood that one.

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