Follow apparently there are more trans folks using than there are women? That is somewhat surprising.

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@roguelazer cis women.
But I can't find a neutral demographics question in this posting. Only one which asks if you "self-identify as being part of a group underrepresented in technology".

@lilo actually, I think it was just "identify as a woman" or something and you could check more than one, so presumably the "cis woman" column is even smaller than the ~3% in the graph

@roguelazer Could be and I suspect the stats are right and share of women programming rust is really very small.

However, my criticism was about the indirect phrasing of the question. I suppose you get different answers if you ask directly and neutrally for the gender of the respondent or if you offer a selection of several minority groups and asks if the respondent feels themselves to be part of these groups.

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