Ugh just spent 90 minutes fucking with PIM. Multicast routing is such a confusing quagmire.

travel rant 

Spent the last few days in Austin and wrote up largely uninformed impressions at

Just had audio get stuck in ducked mode after I swiped away a notification before its sound effect had finished playing. That's an annoying bug. the latest -1 attack website isn’t as obnoxious as most branded vulnerabilities.

I wonder how close is to swapping out hash algorithms? I know it’s in progress...

@tim1724 seems to be point to ark (and not responding on the IMAP port). something up?

"All SSO users need to create a new account. Please open SSO portal on IE browser. Note! Before validate your e-mail address I suggest you delete cookies, browser history and close all browser windows, once done, logging in again may solve the problem."

Remarkably, this wasn't spam; just six-figure-per-year enterprise database software. 🤷

Decided to start watching Mr. Robot on recommendations from coworkers. Pretty fun so far, and surprisingly accurate for a network show. Obviously all the "hacking" is gibberish, but I was surprised when they e.g., mentioned Prolexic during a DDOS.

I decided to tidy up my workflow for searching for characters and put it in a blog post; Merry χmas

Everyone else is on vacation today so I got more work done than I've gotten done in the last three weeks.

S5E19 is darkly ironic in retrospect. Now all of those newsrooms are owned by about five companies, and the line about displaced tech workers having to "work at some video rental joint"... really didn't age well.

Here’s a weird error message that occurred after updating to 10.15.2…

We have this bug at work where a certain piece of closed-source software assumes a 1472-byte UDP payload will never be fragmented and thus breaks in IPv6. There's only one instance of the constant 0x5c0 in the binary. What are the odds that everything would break terribly if I just replace that 0x5c0 with a 0x5ac in the binary?

I always forget that the default partition assigner for consumer groups is braindead and that changing to StickyAssignor or RoundRobinAssignor should be the first step in any project.

Ugh, a pipe cracked. I'd been putting off figuring out how all the plumbing worked in this house.

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