Wrote my first non-trivial application which uses Warp and the new post-stdlib-futures Hyper. Not too bad, although I really wish Warp would let me write output filters without that terrible make_service_fn hack.

Apparently, the old DLV system expired, so anyone running BIND with a 2017-era config is having a bad day.

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All my servers are failing DNSSEC for everything under .com with `dlv.isc.org DNSKEY: verify failed due to bad signature
(keyid=19297): RRSIG has expired` ; is there a missing trust root update somewhere or is globally hosed?

My mandatory work-from-home period has now been extended until April 30. Eesh.

Day four of mandatory work from home. I don't know how people do this full-time.

Oh yeah, I wrote an open-sourced github.com/easypost/ferrous-so the other week, in case anyone ever needs a high-performance SOCKS5 proxy.

I ordered a new keyboard for work which got delivered today, just in time for me to be sent out to work from home indefinitely. So... new keyboard for my home office!

Wow, my company just sent everyone home for mandatory WFH for at least a week (probably more). Crazy considering how dismissive management was about this whole illness just a few days ago.

There's a woman on my BART train this morning with an RSA 2020 swag backpack. That seems like a kind of unnecessarily bold choice right now...

No matter what I say they just come back that NIST SP800-63 says 8 characters is good enough so we shouldn't require more than 8 characters.

Fucking NIST.

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My damned growth team is trying to get us to reduce the password length requirement for user accounts; does anyone have a persuasive citation for why 8 characters is not enough any more? I've got a few infosec-focused ones (including from our security auditors), but they're not buying any of them so far.

I'm borrowing a coworker's keyboard with Cherry MX blue switches, and it feels so nice, but I think everyone else in this dumb open-plan office may now want to murder me.

I'm bummed Mozilla decided to push DoH to 100% for Firefox users. Giving CloudFlare this much power is an awful idea.

@JPEG Aurora crashes on launch on my Mac when the UPS is plugged in with

'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore: key 'American Power Conversion Back-UPS RS 1000MS FW:950.e3 .D USB FW:e3' is too long.'

Super weird!

My credit union for some reason changed a bunch of the buttons on their website from being actual buttons to divs with onclick handlers. Why do people do this? Argh.

Bought a car today. My favorite part was the Windows XP-era touchscreen at the dealership for signing documents that connected to a computer via HDMI and a parallel cable.

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