I wrote up some observations on the new California digital vaccine record, in case anyone was curious exactly how they worked: roguelazer.com/2021/06/cdph-di

net.ipv4.ip_local_reserved_ports is cool, yo. How did I not know this existed before?

I wonder if CircleCI understands quite how weird all of their marketing emails about "private orbs" sound.

All I can think of is that weird Trump orb from 2017

Why is `factor` in GNU ? Are there really a lot of people looking to get prime factors in their bash scripts?

This tool isn't even very good. I passed it the modulus from an RSA4096 key and it hasn't even finished yet.

Very sad to see that is shutting down; I guess Even Priestly finally got tired of doing it all himself. I'm still a big fan of the software and I really hope a healthy community-run fork starts up.

The new behavior where you have to reinstall Developer Tools after every Big Sur point update is absolutely maddening!

Since I had a power outage last week, my USB DAC disconnects and restarts itself every ~10 minutes. I have no idea why the one would be related to the other, but it's absolutely infuriating.

Sheesh, even the Slack documentation is down. I wonder what they did this morning?

food, alcohol, holiday cheer 

Merry Christmas Eve! We made a delightful pot roast for supper tonight and opened a 2013 Ladera Cab Sauv and now are watching the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol while enjoying a food coma.

I gave in to consumerism and replaced my perfectly-good Intel MacBook Air with an ARM64 MacBook Pro.

Pros: battery doesn't seem to ever drain; can compile neovim and all dependencies from source in under 2 minutes; every closed-source tool I use except Dropbox is already arm64-native

Cons: very few OSS tools have pre-built universal binaries, so clang gets a lot of exercise

Ugh I am so not enthused to switch off of CentOS. I really hope either Rocky Linux or CloudLinux ends up being a hassle-free migration before CentOS 8 gets EOLed.

Did ec2 in us-west-2 just die? 5xx's from Describe and Launch APIs for the last ~10 minutes...

The flow in Safari on Big Sur and 11 for via native Secure Enclave (TouchID / FaceID) is extremely nice. Not enough for me to dump Firefox, but extremely nice.

Always weird to wake up to a ton of notifications because someone cross-posted something you wrote to Hacker News. At least I got less hate-mail this time than last time...

My kid was in daycare for one week before he brought home a cold to the whole family (don't worry, we got negative COVID tests). I was really enjoying not having colds since lockdown began...

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