@JPEG Mast still looks hella weird in iPad portrait, btw. The right hand column runs off the screen...

Hurray I've reached the next level of homeownership: dealing with someone breaking into your home.

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@JPEG Notifications in Mast seem to be broken for m.t again

Ugh and also I can't read the New York Times (which I have paid for a subscription for for, I dunno, 12 yearas) any more in my preferred tool because reCAPTCHA decided my browser isn't supported and you can't login to the website without passing reCAPTCHA. Thanks, Google, glad you could also contribute to fucking up my day a little bit.

I like and recommend(ed?) eero because they are zero-configuration, automatically and continuously updated, and suitable for all users but don't have any ports open and don't run any smart-home garbage. It seems like this may now be ending.

Oh no, amazon acquired today. Do not want! Amazon's consumer products are *universally* privacy-invading garbage!

If I open a tmux session with the same session displayed in both Terminal.app and iTerm 2, everything is fine in Terminal.app.

Maybe I should just stop using iTerm? I love tabs-on-the-side but don't really use any of the other nonstandard features...

iTerm 2 on one of my Macs has completely lost the ability to render Unicode in any font. Terminal is set to UTF-8 mode, LANG is en_US.UTF-8. Even just pasting in non-ASCII text to the shell results in garbage. Blargh.

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Okay, that fix has been deployed!

m.t is now running the latest release of Mastodon: 2.7.1. Release notes are here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

If you see any problems with the instance, please let @ashfurrow know. Thanks again for your patience, and have just a swell evening 🤗

@JPEG next weird one: "Delete and Redraft" did delete the old post server-side (verified in another client) but it sticks around in Mast even after a pull to refresh. Stuck in a cache somewhere?

@JPEG you have *got* to start versioning your configs...

@JPEG Mast reliably crashes for me if I scroll to the bottom of its Settings screen

Do you write Python software which reads configuration from environment variables? Do you sometimes forget what they are? Then github.com/easypost/guessenv might be for you!

Chanukah Zombie is Mark Hamill and Kwanzaa-Bot is Coolio‽‽‽

Literally no software engineers know how to use Make. Every single person at my company just makes every target be phony and then uses the Makefile like a really crappy bash script. It drives me *nuts* and no matter how much I try to teach them, nobody else seems to care that every single invocation re-runs every single command. Augh!

Every async tool/library seems to be destined to build its own DNS resolver, and none of them implement RFC 6724 correctly.

65 broke my userChrome.css styling with tree-style-tabs and now the system close/minimize/zoom buttons are hidden if you collapse the tab bar.

Are there any judges in the N.D. Cal besides Alsup? He did Oracle v Google, Waymo v Uber, and now the PG&E bankruptcy!

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