"As a Senior Distributed Engineer, you will create a future where all content will become gamified, interactive, and tailored to each unique viewer." 🤮

I somehow scrolled past the top of the sidebar of the Slack Mac (Electron) app and had to force-quit it before I could interact with it again because it was doing something stupid in Javascript. Slack is a multi-billion-dollar company that can't make a simple native chat application. 😡

Ugh one of our partner companies wants us to store and serve a file with a filename that starts with "4/19/15". Damned Windows users don't understand filename rules...

I wrote up my () config as a blog post, my first vi blog post in more than 10 years: roguelazer.com/2019/04/vim-set

Off to the SF Vitner's Market for some day-drinking!

Ugh. Something disabled lingering for my user in on one of my VMs and I just wasted like half an hour trying to debug why my daemons were dying periodically. `sudo loginctl enable-linger $USER` fixed it. 😠 😠 😠

Should all future toots be in the form of polls?

I really like 's primitive of "atomically create a key under this directory whose name is guaranteed to sort higher than any existing key under this directory". Makes it trivial to build mutexes and semaphores and other synchronization tools.

Spent an inordinate amount of time today fighting with RSpec in another team's codebase. Fun fact: `expect(...).to be nil` and `expect(...).to be_nil` are both valid RSpec expressions but mean different things. 🤦‍♂️

Do you think the original circa-1998 founders of Urchin ever are amazed at how many requests on the Internet now carry the "utm_source" URL parameter or a utm cookie?

It bugs the heck out of me that I can't even get the frontend devs at my company to test on anything other than Chrome. Browser monoculture blows, especially since Chrome is by far the most user-/privacy/etc-hostile of the four major desktop browsers.

Ugh. Someone's using a tens-of-thousands-of-IPs botnet to replay leaked email/password combos from somebody else's hitherto unknown breach against our login form. I wish attackers would be nice and limit themselves to weekdays during business hours.

I also switched from to ; it does definitely look nicer and have less JavaScript...

I wrote up a little blog post with my configuration, including how to hide tabs on Firefox 64+ in a way that looks nice:



I changed the strings on one of my guitars today and it sounds like a whole new instrument. I have to remember to do this more proactively.

Pretty sure one of my coworkers is at the same bar I am and she's on a terrible date. I can hear her date talking loudly about "sociological metrics" from across the bar. Is it more awkward for me to go over and say hi or for me to say nothing?

Did the 10.14.4 upgrade, and after the reboot (but before I'd done the post-boot unlock; when I was at the lock-screen), my keyboard (and TouchBar) input was going to the window behind the lock screen.

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