ugh is such a 💩show. v6.2.0 broke everything due to the mandatory, 100% broken remote_cache system and every subsequent patch has fixed one bug while adding a new one. The redis cache backend is *still* completely broken, but at least the SQL caching backend is fixed as of v6.2.4. How do you maintain such high-profile software and not at least test that your config parsing works before you cut a release?

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@brunoph oh nvm, just saw your post that it is already fixed

My credit union now allows me to redeem credit card reward points for shares of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Coca Cola, or Berkshire Hathaway stock. So weird.

@brunoph Mastonaut’s handling of Spaces is still kind of weird; if I have the app open in Space 2 (even if it’s pinned to *only* show in Space 2), then I go to Space 3 and click the Mastonaut dock icon, rather than bringing me to Space 2 (which every other macOS app does), it brings Mastonaut to Space 3 (except the compose window, which behaves just like a normal Mac window).

ugh, 5.1.6 and above no longer link with the version of LD on our systems, failing with the error “Invalid absolute R_X86_64_32S relocation: _etext”; one person reported this to LKML in May and then vanished.

Except Google+. It's still green for some reason.

Seeing timeouts to Gsuite admin API endpoints at work and can't reach personal or work gmail via IMAP right now. Anyone else seeing such issues?

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@brunoph Mastonaut works great on my iMac but on my MacBook it lets me log in, loads the timeline and then freezes, accepting no input and requiring Force Quit. is a sample if that's helpful to you.

@brunoph the little webview to log in is a little rough; any chance that could bounce out to a browser instead?

Finished reading Mohsin Hamid's latest book (Exit West) today. He's very good at writing beautiful three-page-long sentences.

I see the VM on the inside of the bridge send NS packets; tcpdump on the host says they're getting sent out the physical interface; they never seem to go anywhere after that though.

I don't suppose anyone on here has experience debugging neighbor solicitation across a linux bridge device? I think this is a multicast issue somewhere, but I've already tried enabling multicast_querier and it didn't help.

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My wife has to regularly author DVDs for her work (not allowed to bring any media other than DVDs or VHSes into prison); the tool we use ( is 32-bit and unmaintained for the last 8 years, and thus going to stop working in 10.15. Anyone got recommendations for alternate macOS DVD authoring software?

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