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Donald Trump’s Twitter password is “maga2020!”, and there’s no 2FA, claims hacker.

You don't need an IQ of 197 to know that's pretty dumb...

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In 2018, 20,000 googlers walked off the job in a protest over the company's tolerance for (and rewards to) sexual predators.

The walkout was the culmination of a long year of moral reckonings for Google workers, amid revelations that the company was secretly building AI tools to help the Pentagon's drone program and search tools to help the Chinese state suppress and spy on dissidents.


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I just joined the in calling on the DCMS to make law work for everyone, by allowing groups to sustain complaints, as is allowed under consumer rights but currently not the Data Protection Act. Help protect digital by posting your views to , deadline today.

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For those who haven't been paying attention to the UK 🤦‍♂️

"It is the sort of crackpot place where some artless third tier cabinet minister is sent to stand up in its own parliament and confirm the government’s plan is to break international law, in order not to adhere to the terms of its own treaty, which it told everyone was a triumph, then fought and won a general election on the implementation thereof."


This is more serious than the PM's usual 'pants on fire' style of 'leadership'.

(image poached from @davidallengreen's tweet)

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a Prime Minister is a minister who is not divisible by ministers other than themselves and the Unit Minister
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I think we should invent a term for "the feeling of having something important in the current clipboard buffer"

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how to unleash hell upon your enemies using the POWER OF SCIENCE!!

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Every user of Google, Facebook, ... should absolutely watch #TheSocialDilemma

It makes people understand how those services are designed with the ultimate goal to sell your brain time at the highest price.

Show it to Children, show it to Friends!

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Propaganda, censorship, and surveillance are attributes of the same underlying aspect: Monopoly. Centralised control.

All three problems have the same effective solution: Break up the monopolies.

Propaganda is a function of amplification, attention, audience capture, selective promotion, discovery, distraction, stealing the air supply or acquiring of any competion, and coöption of the platform. Propaganda is an inherent property of monopoly control.

Censorship and Gatekeeping are functions of excludability, audience gating, selective exclusion, obfuscation, distraction, stealing the air supply or acquiring of any competion, and, again, coöption of the platform. Censorship is an inherent property of monopoly control.

Surveillance whether of the state, capitalist, or non-state actor varieties, is a function of population and provider capture, coercion or gatekeeping of vendors and pipelines, and, again, coöption of the platform. Surveillance is an inherent property of monopoly control.

Audiences, a public, divided across independent networks, with access to different editorial selection, from different distribution networks, with access to different input message streams, are far less subject to propaganda, censorship, or surveillance.

It's importance to realise that the key is not nominal control but actual control, which may be nonobvious or unapparent to many participants. A system with appearances of decentralisation may well be centralised under the surface. Retail brand labels vs. brand ownership, or Luxottica's stranglehold over the eyeglasses market, for example, give a false sense of "consumer choice" in a case of actual tight corporate control.

And why is this? What's the fundamental connection between monopoly and control? Control is about maximising desired outcome to applied effort. In monopoly, there is a central focus of influence, the monopolist. Even a very partial controlling share can still be effective. In a first-past-the-post majority scenario such as elections or corporate share ownership, the bloc which swings the majority has control, even if it itself is numerically a minority. In markets, networks, organisations, etc., a single place to permit or deny input or output increases control by decreasing effort and increasing effect.

Shout-outs to Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic -- a great profile to follow, and, Matt Stoller (, Lina Khan (, Zephyr Teachout (, and others breaking through some seriously Borked chickenshit thinking on this topic.

#propagand #censorship #surveillance #monopoly #SurveillanceState #SurveillanceCapitalism #control #power #decentralisation #decentralization #pluralistic


The EU Court of Justice has declared that the UK's indiscriminate collection and retention of internet traffic and location data from service providers is incompatible with democracy and rights to privacy. Whoever saw this coming?

I just listened to this set of interviews about the bkack hole physics behind this year's Nobel Prize. Well worth the time.

Physics World Weekly Podcast: Black holes: celebrating the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics - Physics World Weekly Podcast

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Couldn't find a better source, so take this with a grain of salt. If true, this is a scandalous overreach of Apple's power. Policing user-generated content is not acceptable.

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My new favourite political ad. Maybe ever.

Thanks #VOTE


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It took me five tries to parse this headline without thinking about 80ies cartoons.

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english etymologies 

TIL English "adult" is etymologically basically the past participle of "adolescent."

(thanks @jez )

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German study thread 

maybe I like German because if you're coming from English the Germanic lexicon just feels like fantasy English.

normal English: My toddler’s black backpack has stickers of pigs, dogs, puppies and turtles.

normal German: My suckling’s swarthy rucksack has upcleavings of swine, hounds, whelps and shieldfrogs.

AsoIaF has the fantasy word Löwenechse, lion-lizards, for crocodiles, and I totally thought it was a normal German word at first.

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During Sunday demonstration in #Minsk #Belarus protestors managed to open part of the police water cannon and actually sabotage it. The broken tech turned into a whale!

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Défi du jour : aller lui dire qu'on voit ses tétons et que sa jupe est trop courte. :feministfist:

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