So apparently is really worried now that "photoshopping" is becoming a generic term, which might lead them to lose the trademark. So they offer all sorts of helpful advice:


> Correct: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.
> Incorrect: The image was photoshopped.

I think what we should do instead is say:

> The image was gimped using Adobe™ Photoshop™


@Gargron @rysiek image was manipulated using Gnu's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program, on a GNU/Linux system

Let's call it Gnu Imp, or just Imp, for goodness sake. Gimp is such a terrible name that it hinders adoption. It really needs a rebrand.
@Gargron @rysiek

@cinebox @rochelimit @Gargron @rysiek yeah it's quirky, but I've been using it at least weekly for quite a while now and it's kinda actually not bad ?

@oblomov @rochelimit @cyplo @Gargron @rysiek this is an infinitely more fun and marketable name than the other one

@carcinopithecus @rochelimit @cyplo @Gargron @rysiek
It's even funnier when you read the gn as the Spanish ñ instead of the english n.

@Gargron @smallsees @rochelimit @cyplo @rysiek

it’ll be like mastodon, stronger after every death. or is that highlanders

@smallsees @rochelimit @cyplo @Gargron @rysiek

or was? Is it dead? Shame. One of my beefs with gimp is how slow it is to open.

tbh I just want something that opens an image and can do basic cropping. lol. so I shouldn't really comment as not a user.

@nf3xn @smallsees @rochelimit @cyplo @Gargron @rysiek on KDE there’s kolourpaint, not sure if GNOME has an equivalent tho

@Gargron @rochelimit @cyplo @rysiek to most people Gimp only means that photo editing software. The more people know Gimp means that, the better. Lets not give a win to those few nasty ones using it for something else, and reserve the word exclusively for that.
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