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Deployed 82nd Airborne unit told to use these encrypted messaging apps on government cell phones

“Unfortunately, those apps are more secure than texting in the clear, which is more or less the alternative. Granted, if a hostile party has access to the handset, that encryption isn’t particularly helpful.”

A word from Sussex: CLEDGY, describes the mud that sticks to your spade when digging the earth.

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♻️ systems built with open source and even sustainability in mind where laughable 

Things are looking up today, and show the importance of building up positive personal relationships with the IT dept manger.

My work ThinkPad died last week of chronic motherboard failure, and it's being replaced next week with a Core i7 powered ultrabook, the Dell XPS13, Ubuntu version.

Bye bye lugging around several kilos of laptop, hello new, thin and shiny!

A word from : GAWM, foul smelling and particularly sticky mud.

"I took a walk by Ferring Rife and my boots are all gawmed up."

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A word from : BETTERMOST, meaning above average or superior.

Used mostly with rather, as in "That new family is upstanding and rather bettermost sort of folks."

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it is just fucking mental to me that i can get satellite imagery of a place i'm going before i go there

does this place have a parking lot? yes it has 20 spots

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Which is kind of a weird full-circle place for me to be. I was a Linux desktop user 1997-2005, and switched to OS X because it was such a nice UI to Unix. But it's gotten less and less Unixy and more and more a hassle to tweak

A word from : STOACHED, muddy from trampling.

This is useful to describe the muddy, puddled ground at the gate to a field that has seen plenty of cattle or tractor traffic.

Sussex has a lot of words for different types of mud - over 30 more - although only a few are in regular use.

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"We hear 'Google gives you advertisements that fit your preferences,' or 'we offer Waze users the best path.' Part of the effect of this is to suggest that these firms are in the process of doing some neutral or beneficent resource allocation, contributing to social welfare, when what they’re doing is profit calculation, with significant negative externalities."

#Google #capitalism #welfare

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#8yrsago Consent of the Networked: indispensable, levelheaded explanation of how technology can make us free, or take away our liberty

A word from : DRUV, driven or coerced.

Used in the unofficial motto of Sussex: 'We wunt be druv', referring to our traditional stubborn character.

A word from : flittermouse, a bat, similar to the german Fledermaus.

Sussex always had strong links to other port areas in France and Netherlands, and the dialect was likely influenced by Old Dutch and Middle French as well as Anglo Saxon.

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**Phase one agreement aside, could the trade war future mean choosing China or the US?**

"China and the US have done a deal. But a longer-term view suggests trade tensions between the pair will only grow. What will that mean for the network of nations trading extensively with both?"

#news #bot

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" Apple's initiatives to minimize tracking by marketers is continuing to make life harder for the advertising industry, forcing advertisers to use inefficient data sources to pinpoint users. "

Here, a concert with the world's smallest violins for the advertising industry.

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