So far I've found channels are the most user friendly and similar to Facebook Groups.

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I don't care about federation between different social media platforms, that will just add noise. I only want federation between servers of the same social media platforms.

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Okay, I've found the federated alternative for Fb groups, already available right now, is forums. Not as slick and easy as Fb groups but given time it might get there.

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What is the federated equivalent of Facebook Groups? That is a virtual social group where like minded people can discuss some specific topic and share media about it.

I'd started to move to . Having to use the CLI sometimes is fun, (sort of nostalgia for DOS 3.3).

Web browsing, emails, graphics, media player, office applications, text editor, file manager all work fine.

Until I struggled to get OCR, especially a screenshot reader working.

I'm still on Windows where ABBYY FineReader just works. Every boot I skip the option for .

Since I last used Mastodon (18 months ago) we've moved home to the lovely North Wales .

My single speed bicycle wasn't up to the hills here. Yesterday I got a new Trek FX 2 disc and found that despite all the garden labouring I'm out of condition for .

Sponsor Miraheze via GitHub sponsors and help fund free, community run wikis for everyone.

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Alright frens, I have another dumb post about C stuff.

It seems like every C program I come across uses a very simple key=value way of handling files for the end user, and yet there isn't a C library that they all use in order to make config parsing extremely breezy? Why??

I get that these formats are easy to implement from scratch, but what ever happened to DRY?

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Nearly all of the CGS website now wikified

Register on the wiki to add any relevant info, to enhance the articles.

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this is a great article! "why you hate contemporary architecture"

i kept nodding and going "yeah! wow it's not just me! i'm not alone in hating these things!" ... except the part about skyscrapers, i still think tall buildings are cool and can be done well.

(i think i saw this posted here a few weeks ago, but it takes me a while to get through the longreads)

Is anyone else behind Zscaler missing the images here?

Look at what's happened to the unmoderated Usenet newsgroups, they're almost entirely spam these days.

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What's to stop spambots overwhelming Mastodon?

To have a without the admin headache or cost of the extra infrastructure required to run it properly then use , free, without adverts, wiki hosting.

Disclaimer: I have no ties to Miraheze except for being a satisfied user of the service they provide. After a few years of the hassle of maintaining the wiki PHP/MySQL myself.

Hurrah, I'm now using Thunderbird portable, instead of Outlook. 😀

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Really I'd like to use but trivial problems prevent me from doing so. For example not allowing me to simply drag and drop emails between folders.

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Where to get new old stock BC547 and BC557 parts?

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