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You know those people who have went on rent strike as an entire apartment building or whatever? And they're just taking care of maintenance amongst themselves? What if, after the pandemic is over, they just, continued to stop paying.... haha just kidding.. unless..? 😳

covid, rent strike 

A social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings trying to build Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Grab Neofeud & help this one-person indie dev finish the sequel!

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All the crying landlords out there not breaking their backs in Amazon factories for a can of tuna tonight: Housing is vastly overpriced in most places, particularly under capitalism. Housing is a human right, particularly during a pandemic. Banks are parasitic wealth siphoners.

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If you do ops, devops, or SRE work, are looking for a job, and live in the Bay area or near Washington DC (or are willing to live in one of those areas, shoot me a message.

I have one or two junior/mid positions opening up in the next few weeks. I can provide more details privately.

if the jobs are essential then! double salaries for three months! suddenly there’s a great incentive to stay at work!!!

i have taken the opportunity afforded me by my recent unemployment to do something I've wanted to for a long time: i have finally made a makeup instruction video!

it's nowhere near comprehensive, but i tried to make the video something for absolute beginners, so you can watch my routine as i stop and explain what i'm doing for you as i go. it's made especially for trans women like me but it's for anyone who's intimidated by makeup imo

please share!

Original action was @cinebox not me, I just created a torrent from it. I extracted the zip as well to allow grabbing a single manual if needed

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"I'm not afraid to get Corona" is fake punk.
"I'm gonna protect my community" is real punk.

These ventilator service manuals are really neat, there's actual schematics and everything

I’ve rehosted all the ventilator service manuals available on as of today to my personal server in case any get taken down.

I had no immune system for months after my bone marrow transplant. Here’s how I avoided viral illness, and how you can, too. It’s easier than you think.

f u captcha, I don't even remember what a traffic light looks like, bite me

Here's a request for coding help to get BigBlueButton integration in #nextcloud to help schools continue their lesson plans! Want to support education in this time of social distancing?

In the current health crisis linked to the #COVID19 outbreak, CryptPad supports remote working. The storage limit for all registered users is increased to 1GB until further notice. Registration is free with no personal data required.

🎁 @Dropbox has failed to respond to our letter on #CloudExtraction - which allows warrantless, broad access to cloud stored data. This is a vital issue for security of Dropbox's customer data. Help us ask them to respond now and retweet. 🔁

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