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should i make

Everything is gay to me, because I am gay. That's how it works.

If you're thinking of buying the Xbox series X (the next gen one), why?

coronavirus, work, money, rant 

hate when customers thank me for working during a literal pandemic; they clearly don’t realize that i’m not here out of choice; i have to work in order to pay my bills; i would gladly be at home if i could

very curious: will you buy a next-gen console when it comes out this year? :boost_ok:

happy non-binary day! I’m here to remind you that if your binary gender isn’t fitting well, feel free to cut some holes in it or sew some buttons on

imagine being a capitalist lmao what fucken losers

it's my birthday can i get some boosts :smallyell:

A reminder that your IP is broadcasted in p2p services to anybody who is listening

if i ever get a cat and it decides to knock my shit over i’m cancelling it for being 


whats next, requiring a license to make toast in your own damn toaster

Please boost, abuse mention. 

Please help my friend escape her abusive parents. Please consider donating to help her pay for necessary costs of living that will arise after she leaves:

And please, please boost.

If anyone is wondering what I've been up to, I've spent the last 3 weeks staring at this extract from a 1982 interview of Michel Foucault and steadily losing my fucking mind

Google search results for developer questions have become useless. All I get are w3cschool and medium posts.

Glad I discovered that is a community curated list of site with quality content.

Bonus tip: In Firefox you can right-click on the in-page search bar and add a "keyword" search meaning you prefix any query in the Firefox address bar with that keyword it will use that form.

#development #tip #search

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