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amazon bs 

I heard on the news that amazon has announced a one year ban on letting police use its facial recognition software...

"This behavior is morally unacceptable so we aren't going to allow it for a year!"


... so what you are saying is you are hoping the public will forget about it by then?

i'm posting these also outside of that conversation because it is very good:

please behold these naughty goats who did not stop headbutting things with their horns and had to be put into punitive pool noodles and tennis balls for no hurty others

there is a huge march on LAUSD headquarters right now led by students and teachers demanding to defund the school police department

Hey, you should check out @Dizzy 's Pride potions:

and use them as emoji:
:potion_agender: :potion_aromantic: :potion_asexual: :potion_bigender: :potion_bisexual: :potion_demiboy: :potion_demigender: :potion_demigender_2: :potion_demigirl: :potion_demisexual: :potion_genderfluid: :potion_genderflux: :potion_genderqueer: :potion_intersex: :potion_lesbian: :potion_nonbinary: :potion_omnisexual: :potion_pangender: :potion_pansexual: :potion_polyamory: :potion_polysexual: :potion_pride: :potion_progress: :potion_queer: :potion_trans:

(They are all "potion_" so your admin can easily search for them!)

I know it's a long shot but Budweiser promised free hard seltzers to all of flavortown if they go through with it

Is drinking black coffee bisexual culture?

How can I display the posts of a free blog in chronological order (oldest to newest)? Instead of reverse chronological which is more standard and shows latest on top? Never mind why.

central park was built on top of a vibrant black and irish community who were forcefully evicted despite owning the land themselves

friendly reminder that discord constantly hits /api/v6/science every time you do basically anything in discord with the details of what you did, which is an honestly creepy amount of data collection, and if you're using the browser version of discord you can disable that by pasting the following rule into your ublock:


@robjloranger I don't have the energy to fight that hard, I want my phone to work and I don't have the money to experiment (my old phones don't work, because I use them until they die or apps become unusable bc the os is so out of date)

I will personally guillotine every Google engineer

begpost ๐Ÿ”ž :BoostOK: 

hey its getting harder to make ends meet so if you wanna help me pay for my bills/food, cashapp me five dollars or more and ill dm you five nudes ๐Ÿ’—$milkshrine

In response to a noose hung at Lake Merritt in Oakland, Community READY Corps will be patrolling the lake starting 7pm tonight, 24 hours a day through Sunday. Support needed. Call out for community defense formations.

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