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Cops still giving out parking tickets, especially to medical staff near hospitals, during a global pandemic is everything you need to know about who is really the bottom feeders of society here

Hello friends, especially ones who are socioeconomically secure.

A friend of mine who has deep ties in the fundraising community for BIPOC has set up a fund to pay teachers and creatives up to $1,000/mo to help bridge the gap while we wait for the debating to stop and direct aid to people to kick in

Folded paper all day
Anxiety dropped 90%

Tutorial coming up

One of the anons who had been contributing to my book saw me dunking on landlords and got indignant because apparently they're a landlord. In typical landlord fashion they're now withholding the rights to their illustrations so that I can't publish.

I need some ~18 illustrations recreated because some "lefty" doesn't understand that having the power to throw people into the streets and profiting off that position are incompatible with socialism.

Anyone want to help out?

Let's make remote-work easier for everyone during these difficult times! We have set up a videoconferencing service based on #jitsi, on a EU-based server with good connectivity.
It's open to everyone and offers all guarantees in term of #privacy
Stay safe!

i kinda need help!

i want an encrypted voice and/or video calling application that
- works (at least) on linux and preferrably android
- is reliable
- is floss!

pls boost and say things you think might fit!

I'm available for remote marketing/copywriting/proof reading for small amounts of £ if anyone has any jobs or leads!

Also happy to proof read for free for students/others in need (I was a college lecturer for 2 years)


BIPOC and trans folk: pls leave ur venmo in the comments!! 

im a federated social media user seeking other federated social media users. that's right: im mast 4 mast

forever bitter that /r/the_donald is dedicated to some politician and not Dr. Knuth

A ‘real job vs. bullshit job’ analysis is only useful to illustrate how much more useful work we could get done if capitalism was abolished and we could quit all our useless jobs.

It is an absolutely terrible idea to praise workers in ‘real jobs’ at the expensive of workers in ‘bullshit jobs’ and create a moral hierarchy of workers accordingly.

The class struggle means ALL OF US.

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"Volunteers 3D-Print Unobtainable $11,000 Valve For $1 To Keep Covid-19 Patients Alive; Original Manufacturer Threatens To Sue"

Reminder: We're living in a new age of robber barrons

OpenSource ventilator! Our future has to be this, collaboration and altruism. The same way in which the fediverse is built, from people to people.

hey if anyone on the fediverse has a screen printer i'll pay you $5 for every custom patch you print and mail to me

please boost so i can find someone

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laid off, patreon link 

Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! [1/2] 

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