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has anyone experimented with setting up a mesh network? especially anyone in the seattle area

A couple hours ago RCMP arrested a larger indigenous instagram account (@skodenne) who is on the ground in Wet'suwet'en, they have been providing many live updates about the current events unfolding. Please follow @nikkilaes, @gidimten_checkpoint @seedingsovereignty for other live updates.

Indigenous instagram user @decolonial.auntie is also seeking artists willing to donate their art to be sold to raise funds for wet'suwet'en.

It is really fucking important to show support right now

Our next log is to monitor all the binaries for SDK components that are . Those binaries are central to Android development, and has done some strange things with them in the past. Its implemented as a git repo and has a basic JSON API

Literally on the heels of the last "I wish GitLab was cool": #GitLab asking their saleswomen to wear short skirts and high heels, then hiding the follow-up discussion.

Previously: GitLab drives out their female execs.
Previously: GitLab doesn't see how politics should determine who to take on as a customer.
Previously: All the same, no hiring people from China, Russia, or Ukraine.
Previously: Plans to put in detailed user telemetry until forced to backtrack.

i dont like it when the little trashcan icon has trash in it, so i always empty my trash right after i delete something

cat nap: when you're on the couch, a cat sits on you, and you're like "whatever I guess I'm stuck now", and take a nap

thinking about how militant Nintendo is about sending romhackers and fangame devs cease and desists but Sega was like "holy shit how about you guys make a sonic game "

There is a new project to make a #FLOSS DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

Are you a Pokémon fan? Do you play Pokémon games? Do you wanna talk about Pokémon? Do you have a Pokésona? A Pokémon fursona?

> <

We have solid rules, a cool theme and tons of Pokémon-related emoji (every single Pokémon icon and more!)

Questionable illusion. 

Apparently, this is what happens when you forget to put the frames in a beehive, and the bees get to build how they feel, via Naked Capitalism:

Follow Friday Fediverse Developer Edition

@Gargron - mastodon dev

@lain - pleroma dev

@Chocobozzz - peertube dev

@jalcine - koype dev

@yabirgb - anfora dev

@eliotberriot - funkwhale dev

@LemmyDev - lemmy dev

@matt - writefreely dev

#ff #followFriday

It turns out that Google is now using Chrome to track its users(!)

DNT: 1

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