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20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

game engines where you can open up other people's games in them and look at how they're built are sometimes a better teacher of game design than four years of classes

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hey, if you haven't yet, claim your $125 from the Equifax data breach settlement

literally seconds of entering your name and address results in a mailed check of $125 and helps make sure a corporation pays for their massive negligence

Know anyone who would like to join #WritingExchange? While public registrations need admin approval, anyone here can invite someone by generating a special invite link from this page:

We're keeping our 1,000-user limit, but we just freed up about 50 spots after clearing out old, unused accounts. So feel free to invite anyone you think would like it here!

Current #WIP: This nice road. Hope it turns out nice and hope I can finish it soon! #mastoArt #traditionalArt

Does anybody here know an open alternative for Google Assistant? Maybe @switchingsocial ?

requesting the attention of any users of email clients which are not among [gmail, k-9, microsoft outlook, protonmail, roundcube, thunderbird, aerc, mutt, alpine, claws]

psa: don't touch people without their permission

the tech consultant hired to finish skynet 

a movie about a tech consultant hired to finish skynet while the union strikes to kill the project. as they read and patch and polish the source, they only understand part of the system. they get inklings of what it is this tech does -- things not fundamentally different from palantir's tech, or ICE's, for whom the protag has also consulted. as it dawns on the viewer what this thing does, how it does it, and to what a brutal extent, the protag remains unaffected. this is what they do. it is what they have always done, and it has always taken care of them. each day a private train carries him underground to work, past the picket line where rubber bullets fly through protest signs.

then, of course, the machine turns on.

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Fediverse Conf - Feneas forum

Would you like to see a #Fediverse #conference happen in #Barcelone in 2020? Come in and throw in some ideas!

hey young leftist friends. you're struggling to clearly and consisely define your ideology? let me tell you a secret. no one fucking cares. it's what you do, not what you declare that counts

Kazakhstan government is now intercepting all HTTPS traffic - which is why a trusted root certificate is important

If someone's on the fence about joining Mastodon, just show them this.

The Mozilla web dev and designer survey: tells me I have to enable js, so I enable js and refresh, at which point it tells me I've already taken the survey

This is the exact state of web dev in 2019

My ideal day job is groundskeeper, I have a vision of a homes surrounded by cottage gardens that fade into formal botanical gardens and then towards less managed spaces. No firm lines between food, ornamental, and wild. Towards the outside the arboretum type space fades into mildly managed forest, the other direction it fades into larger pasture and croplands. The large duck/lily pond is a point where the three focuses of horticulture, silviculture, and agriculture most expressly meet.

It's remarkable that even as we have a POTUS that is literally saying he's a nationalist, attacks POC everyday with his platform and keeps immigrant children in non livable conditions, white people STILL want to argue it's not racism.

That kind of delusion takes effort.

while you were struggling with your own problems, i was mastering the struggle against my own problems, and now that the world is burning you come to ME expecting solidarity? yeah alright comrade you got it, we are in this together ✊ ❤️

the alternate present in which every workplace is unionized because, what, are you just not gonna listen to workers when they tell you about the work? who else could be more knowledgeable about it?

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